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Swiped Left Coal Burner

This “stronk” WhoaMan got swiped left by a Niggardly and is now looking for a White Captain Save a Hoe to support her and her little Mulato.

God! Females CAN be stupid. Barely 20 years old and her life is screwed.

Another feminist Victory! Another progress for Women.


Shayden? Yes! He already looks shady.

Har! Har! Har! More Schaden Freude!

Once you go Black, you can never come Back! Har! Har! Har!

Some body’s gotta “man up” and marry that slut! Har! Har! Har!

Abortion never looked so good. Har! Har! Har!

Comments at Gab:

Apparently, the baby’s father already “swiped left” after his son was conceived. Maybe she should have swiped left before that.

I’m man enough not to take on a train wreck like yourself.

Shaking my head. such arrogance, no shame, and it’s all bullshit, she is her world, the kid was an afterthought.

If you’re a mudshark you got nuttin left to offer.

Why not get the baby daddy to step up muddy? You made a choice now live with it.

uh…. maybe you should just find the father and have him help you raise his child…hmmm?

that’s ok, raise your own niglet.

her baby daddy wasn’t man enough to step up for anything but sperm donation. She needs to be looking on blender… that’s black tinder.

No Hymen No Diamond!

Step up and what … Put a plastic bag over his head …?

That looks like an onion/human hybrid?!

I bet she’s into “abortion rights” too … ironically.

Another so called “Mother”, acting like she’s tough. An ounce of prevention would’ve kept this child from being another handbag accessory. Instead, statistics show, she’s doomed this child with her piss poor decisions.

Tried to swipe left. Got me!

I wonder if she’s still alive. Either her baby daddy will end up beating her to death or the orange kid will when it grows up.


I’m sure 50 more niggers will step up for at least the weekend.

Left, Left, Left, Left, Left …

While reading this meme the kid tried to steal your wallet.

Should have known what kind of man he was before she fu@ked him.

How do I swipe it off the face of the earth?

A very overused saying, “my child is my world”. Untrue and unbalanced. No self-respecting man would ever play second fiddle to someone else’s children or their own for that matter. Ladies, the relationship you have with your husband is second only to God. Your children are third.

can’t swipe that shit out fast enough.

A lil nigglet and a walking goldfish? Lemme think about it.

How low will this go?

Humm, are you calling for white or black or tan or yellow? U need $ …. dirty girl don’t care.

I see this often and can only hope that this NWO BRAINWASHED LIBTARD reaps what she sows. No TOTALLY SANE WHITE MAN would touch that TAINTED POS with a TEN FOOT POLE.


This raises 2 issues. 1. She doesn’t value her heritage and 2. she will probably cheat with a black guy after she found a provider

What a shocker, she is looking for a man. And no man will touch her with a 10-foot pole.

Swipe left.

So you’s be lookin’ fo a sugar daddy cause da baby daddy is a playa who got caught with Shawanka?? Bitch you’s all fucked up. Of course, the rest of us are screwed as well because we’re supporting your dumbass via a lovely government handout. So go fuck yourself whore!

apparently, the baby daddy wasn’t man enough either…

swipe front to back and get the shit off your back.

Well actions and consequences and all you know …. Maybe you should have named him John it might have got you more interest on the meat market that you covet so much in finding a man.

OOOOHHHHHHHHH YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Seems like you already HAD a “man”, but where is HE???? BWWWAAAHAHAHAHAH!!! Once you go black, you have CHOSEN your fate, and you won’t be ALLOWED BACK!!!! BWWWAAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!