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Feminism kills

A woman needs a man like a rotten fish needs a bicycle.”

(((Gloria SteinHeim)))

How come a pretty and sexy single 29-year-old woman WAS hiking alone on a trail?

You can thank (((Gloria))) and the other Feminazis for that.


As for the Niggardly rapist and killer, you can thank other members of Gloria’s (((tribe))) for that.

Perp is 23 years old, convicted criminal let loose by our illustrious (((justice))) system to terrorize and brutalize any way he saw fit.
Phoenix PD got his DNA from crime scene, and he popped positive.

A harsh comment at GAB:

At least we can rest assured she was a slut who deserved it (as all modern 8-10’s are)

She was almost certainly in spandex, wanting men to drool over her like a predator does prey, thus wanted to be brutally raped and killed.

Of course, she wasn’t fully conscious of that, as a retard (“woman”) but still.

The takeaway here is that women are mentally halfway between men and children and should be forced to thoroughly cover and not allowed out without a male supervisor.