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Another Feminist progress …

An increase in “surprise sex”.


Feminist rape fantasies fulfilled, finally!

Best of all, these “surprises” are NOT actually performed by White Heterosexist Patriarchal Cisgendered males.

OTOH. Many of theses males have now become MtoF Trannies with penises.

“Surprise sex” by the Female Trannies will be Woke and progressive.

Yest, another feminist progress.

We were told that the future would be female.

So, here we are!

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Once you go Black …


But … Boy, oh Boy, was that Niggardly god in bed.

Now in dire need of Captain Save a Hoe!


Comments are at GAB.

Pay the Toll – I avoid and ignore Whites who mix or adopt these mongrel children. I don’t even give them eye contact anymore, or I look at them with disdain.

He has your palms . . .

Translation – I need some white guy w a job to support my black kid. Lol

In ten years, when her best days are gone and she is alone with her niglet, she’ll lose that confidence.

No, you won’t, because the right one for you was White. Unfortunately for you, when you go black, we don’t want you back.

That nigger is gonna kill her, if another nigger she shacks up with doesn’t beat him to it.

Keep the change you filthy animal.”

The only thing you will find is poverty and loneliness.

News flash no self-respecting white man’s going to want this.

That taint is now forever tainted.

already practicing to strangle her to death.

idiotic to take nigger dick, and retarded to think a normal person will want to raise your little chimp.

it’s my experience that when cute girls like this one go for black guys is mainly because they are such emptied headed sluts that no other men, except blacks want them. Don’t worry, she will choose another abusive black guy again.

Single motherhood doesn’t only destroy their kids, everyone around them and society as a whole and every statistic proves that. Single fathers has by far better by far outcomes.

Sons of YHVH.

Wrong race. Not the wrong man

No shit Sherlock…

terrifying this boy passes as light too. He’s not got those nasty black marks on him.

Look here faggot. These are your White women. Go lick the nigger cum out of their pussies, you simp.

White Women Murdered by Black Men

one day she will request some money from Tyrone when he’s in a bad mood, and end up on this list https://archive.org/details/white-women-murdered-by-black-men

If she does survive, she’ll be on live PD, 100 pounds overweight, in a trailer.

These are women with men who’ve beaten the crap out of all their ex-gfs and ex-wives believing they are so special and exempt from the same treatment until he busts their head wide open.

Highly unlikely that it will be GAB man. Hopefully she won’t get so desperate that she yokes with another abuser.

Ugh! it pains me! She is so beautiful and now it is all gone.

That shitlet’s just practicing its choke hold. In a few years, finding a man will be the least of her problems. she can go to http://simp.com

or win the Powerball. Equal odds.

No decent white man will touch you now. You only have beta male soy castoffs to choose from. Best of luck muddy skank

Coon Town Hunter

You’ll have to look for another nigger…no white man is gonna want you, mudshark….

nigger fucker

You’ll be waiting for a very long time… nobody wants to raise your goblin.

Bestiality is illegal. Poor mongrel little bstrd.


This is the symptom. We all know what the true disease is.

Plenty of Jewish fellas out there.

Any women who fucks animals should be publicly avoided.

This one will find some nerd to support her.

You didn’t know that over 80% of black babies are born to single mothers when you chose a black man to have unprotected sex with? Well, your choices are limited now since no white man wants a black baby. As is well known, “once you go black you never come back”. Happy single motherhood and life.


No, no, you won’t!

Better hide the nigglet until after the wedding then sharkie.

Toll turd genetics running through her veins now.

You lost in the game of life Bitch. Enjoy your miserable life.

stupid whore

she will take whatever shitstain she can get. Mr. Right knows she is forever Miz Wrong.

more black DNA basters to pick from.

should find Mr. Right before having the child, not after.

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Tranny Phobic Faggots

The Chicongo Faggots are boycotting Bud Light, the Tranny supporting beer.

Budweiser is getting it from both sides; from the Cisgender reactionaries, in front, from the “progressive” Gays, from behind.

Chicago Gay Bars Stop Selling Bud Light, Other Anheuser-Busch Beers After Brand Backs Down to Anti-Trans Critics

After backlash over the beer company partnering with transgender TikToker Dylan Mulvaney, the brand distanced itself from the star without addressing the transphobia.

Maybe Budweiser will think again before hiring an advertising team from the (((tribe))).

Don’t hold your breath.

The faggots assert that Budweiser’s lame claim that they “never intended to be part of a discussion that divides people” are “active steps against LGBTQ+ equality, visibility and safety”.

Budweiser does not care about the LGBTQIA+ community.


LGBTQIA+! What a gagging mouthful!

Why don’t they include the MAP(edo)?

Aren’t the MAP(edo)s worthy of the same care, equality, visibility and safety?

Or is the LGBTQIA+ community taking actives steps against the MAP(edo) minority?

Inquiring minds wish to know?

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Swiped Left Coal Burner

This “stronk” WhoaMan got swiped left by a Niggardly and is now looking for a White Captain Save a Hoe to support her and her little Mulato.

God! Females CAN be stupid. Barely 20 years old and her life is screwed.

Another feminist Victory! Another progress for Women.


Shayden? Yes! He already looks shady.

Har! Har! Har! More Schaden Freude!

Once you go Black, you can never come Back! Har! Har! Har!

Some body’s gotta “man up” and marry that slut! Har! Har! Har!

Abortion never looked so good. Har! Har! Har!

Comments at Gab:

Apparently, the baby’s father already “swiped left” after his son was conceived. Maybe she should have swiped left before that.

I’m man enough not to take on a train wreck like yourself.

Shaking my head. such arrogance, no shame, and it’s all bullshit, she is her world, the kid was an afterthought.

If you’re a mudshark you got nuttin left to offer.

Why not get the baby daddy to step up muddy? You made a choice now live with it.

uh…. maybe you should just find the father and have him help you raise his child…hmmm?

that’s ok, raise your own niglet.

her baby daddy wasn’t man enough to step up for anything but sperm donation. She needs to be looking on blender… that’s black tinder.

No Hymen No Diamond!

Step up and what … Put a plastic bag over his head …?

That looks like an onion/human hybrid?!

I bet she’s into “abortion rights” too … ironically.

Another so called “Mother”, acting like she’s tough. An ounce of prevention would’ve kept this child from being another handbag accessory. Instead, statistics show, she’s doomed this child with her piss poor decisions.

Tried to swipe left. Got me!

I wonder if she’s still alive. Either her baby daddy will end up beating her to death or the orange kid will when it grows up.


I’m sure 50 more niggers will step up for at least the weekend.

Left, Left, Left, Left, Left …

While reading this meme the kid tried to steal your wallet.

Should have known what kind of man he was before she fu@ked him.

How do I swipe it off the face of the earth?

A very overused saying, “my child is my world”. Untrue and unbalanced. No self-respecting man would ever play second fiddle to someone else’s children or their own for that matter. Ladies, the relationship you have with your husband is second only to God. Your children are third.

can’t swipe that shit out fast enough.

A lil nigglet and a walking goldfish? Lemme think about it.

How low will this go?

Humm, are you calling for white or black or tan or yellow? U need $ …. dirty girl don’t care.

I see this often and can only hope that this NWO BRAINWASHED LIBTARD reaps what she sows. No TOTALLY SANE WHITE MAN would touch that TAINTED POS with a TEN FOOT POLE.


This raises 2 issues. 1. She doesn’t value her heritage and 2. she will probably cheat with a black guy after she found a provider

What a shocker, she is looking for a man. And no man will touch her with a 10-foot pole.

Swipe left.

So you’s be lookin’ fo a sugar daddy cause da baby daddy is a playa who got caught with Shawanka?? Bitch you’s all fucked up. Of course, the rest of us are screwed as well because we’re supporting your dumbass via a lovely government handout. So go fuck yourself whore!

apparently, the baby daddy wasn’t man enough either…

swipe front to back and get the shit off your back.

Well actions and consequences and all you know …. Maybe you should have named him John it might have got you more interest on the meat market that you covet so much in finding a man.

OOOOHHHHHHHHH YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Seems like you already HAD a “man”, but where is HE???? BWWWAAAHAHAHAHAH!!! Once you go black, you have CHOSEN your fate, and you won’t be ALLOWED BACK!!!! BWWWAAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!

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Not qualified to give advice to women

Trevor Goodchild

Honestly don’t feel qualified to give advice to women aside from:

-Don’t be fat

-Don’t be an unpleasant grrl boss trying to LARP as a second-tier man

-Remain chaste with a minimum to zero notch count until marriage


Posted comments at GAB :

Don’t be fat.

Don’t be stupid.

Learn make up.

Avoid niggers.

Buy a gun :pew:

Never get emotional with strangers.

Avoid hoe peer pressure.

Know your weakness.

Bathe regularly and smell nice.

Avoid the sun cause makes u darkness.

Avoid owning a prison breed dog .

Learn to eat/cleanse right so you don’t need 95+% of makeup.

Keeping fit (not fat) and bathing was mentioned. But should always learn make up since it’s a positive modifier no matter how u look.

Buying a gun is good. Make up is fake beauty. Hygiene and avoiding *peer pressure good as well.

I thought guys don’t like makeup. Uh oh. Lol. I never wear it. You should make a tutorial.

Just liquid eyeliner. A cat eye. DO IT. Just cover your boobas.

Add in zero manipulation and bring skills that are useful.

Manipulation, for the right reasons, is acceptable.

Even when a baby’s head is sticking out of her, NEVER ask a woman if she is pregnant.

Practice situational awareness in public, like you are on safari … you are.

Stay in your lane, seek marriage mates only among your own race, even better among your own ethnic group and religion. Opposites may attract; however, similarities endure.

Raise racially aware children.

Don’t date/fuck black guys (a given) or expose yourself to black culture. It’ll show in your behaviors and will be an instantaneous turn off or lead to a demotion to mere cock fodder followed by a brutal hard next when we get bored.

1. Turn off all social media.

2. Unfuck your brain to understand running a household, raising kids, and taking care of your family is more important than being a cube slave.

3. Learn Homemaking skills and how to run a household.

Turning off social media is a big one.

I’m literally sorting through women by these failures right now:

1. Does she put her phone away or hold it in her hand/leave it on the table? If she doesn’t put it away, she is trash.

2. If I claim 1 hour of her time, does she ever move for her phone? If she does, she fails.

Don’t vote. Keep silent in church. Remember you are a helper. This isn’t your story but you’re the main supporting character in every story in your growing family.

Remember your place and find your peace.

Also, f’in clean. More important than cooking, as we would prefer to do that ourselves anyway … but still do it.

Don’t mind cleaning or cooking, *from time to time*, but women have to remember, we probably just got off an 8-hour shift, we’re not exactly enthusiastic about the idea of doing *their* job too.

And it isn’t like cooking & cleaning are particularly difficult.

That’s about all they need. Good Genetics is also recommended, but until Trevor releases the cloning technology to the rest of the world, that’s impossible.

200 years of sexology and feminist reformation and it turns out women should’ve just obeyed the Bible. I weep for the lost women’s studies (wo)man-hours, and the sammiches they could’ve been spent on making instead.

No sloppy seconds for me.

All good advice. Except let’s stick at zero.

You forgot tattoos. They’re repulsive to look at, on any woman.

I would add get rid of the Freddy Krueger fingernails.

I’d also like to add on

-know how to fkin cook

-know how to clean

There’s nothing more useless than a woman that can’t do the basics.

I’m a guy, I can cook effortlessly, I can also clean but I’m bad at it, I can also sew very slowly. Why would I need a woman that can’t do those things?

They’re the basics of living.

Changing your hair color is not a substitute for having a personality.

Here’s some advice. Women will disregard everything you’ve just said because they have zero agency over their lives. They are not people. They are property. Stop with the cuckservative faggottry and man the fuck up. Idiots like you are the reason why the entire world is in the state of affairs as it is.

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Peak “evil” Boomer America


The “evil” Boomers created this!

Vox Day: “Let’s genocide the “evil” Boomers. The day of the pillow can’t come fast enough.”

() Just kidding. Vox is getting on in age. He forgets what he said last week. This week he says:

We had no idea how good we had it as children, but we can hardly be blamed for that since we never knew anything else. But if you’re a member of Generation X, it is very important that you write your autobiography in order to leave behind some written record of what Peak America was actually like. Because what we regarded – what we still regard – as normal no longer exists. And its the micro accounts of daily life that are actually the most informative about a historical society, not the usual historian’s focus on politics, wars, and other macro-level events.

Save your elementary school class pictures. Describe what life was like in an ethnically homogenous European society. Give future generations a vision of what is possible for their children and grandchildren if they set their minds to it.


Let’s be kind and remember what Vox Day was, shall we?