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The Vaxx bites the Drex!

Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.



Radio Host Who Attacked ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ to Take Hiatus Until 2023 After Heart Attack

Soon to be followed by …

Radio Host Who Attacked ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ dies “suddenly” for unknown reasons!

Bears repeating: Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

Drex was a major posterior hole.


S/He/It has its own vaccine passport to …Hell!

S/He/It will STFU … for ever!


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WOKEtards of Twatter

Here are the WOKEtards of Twatter fired by Elon Musk.


Trannies, Lezzies, Furries, Faggies and other diseased degenerates.

No wonder the place stank to High Heavens.

Do you think they are able to Learn to Code?

Cause, their future as Street Walkers looks, ahem, precarious.

In the coming tempest coming the the USS of A, they will be the First Choice in the Cannibal’s Pot, methinks.

The Gods, they do have a wicked sense of humor.

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And … SUDDENLY .. a fully VAXXed and BOOSTed Woketard bites the (graveyard) dust.

Well, the Leftard WAS right about something.

The Covid VAXX IS killing some of the right people.


Legions of moronic VAXXers are dying in legions.

On the one hand: Freude! Freude! Freude!

Well … Schadenfreude actually.

On the other hand: the Depopulationist agenda is fully functioning.

On the positive side: Woketards, Leftards, (fascist) Left Wing Pro-Transgressives … and assorted morons will be dying first.

Arrogant pieces of shite, they were.

So, there is THAT! Freude! Freude! Freude!

More on the Julie Woketard.

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Sadly, very, I have to agree with this:

If anything, Fred isn’t pessimistic enough. 

The mediocrities with their hands on the reins of power are PERFECTLY capable of bumbling themselves–and us–into nuclear armageddon. 

World history is full of such stupidity, and it’s not only those guilty of the stupidity who end up paying.

May God protect us!

PS     As an aside.

          It would go slightly different than what Fred (a man of the 60s) wrote:

After that Fred elaborates on how such a war may unfold. It is typical Fred who uses his words as swords, and it is a delight. A great piece. However, one small detail which needs to be pointed out. It is all about accuracy and CEP, or Circular Error Probable, and how this accuracy was growing, while CEP was shrinking over decades from Counter-value posture of strategic nuclear forces of USSR and the US–meaning blowing the shit out of well-sized targets easy to hit, such as cities–to Counter-force when accuracy of the delivery systems increased dramatically and the necessity to strike large area targets (to trade effect for low accuracy), which cities naturally are, diminished. Today modern ICBMs can deliver MIRVs with accuracy measured in tens of meters and that is enough to hit a specific military formation’s camp, production plant or the area of the ICBM silo. So, suddenly, the collapse of such a country as the US hinges not on wiping out a number of urban areas such as NYC or Chicago–that is easy and counter-value weapons such as Poseidon do exist and are being perfected, but on something much more sinister.

This is the part that got me shattered:

Civilians still will die, but not in high tens or hundreds of millions, but something on the scale of 10-20 million at the start and after that … well, enter what Fred describes …

What would happen in, say, New York City even if, improbably, it were not bombed? Here we will ignore the likelihood of sheer, boiling panic and resultant chaos on learning that much of the country had been flattened.

In the first few days there would be panic buying with shelves at supermarkets being emptied. Hunger would soon become serious.

By day four, people would be hunting each other with knives to get their food. By the end of the second week, people would be eating each other. Literally.

This happens in famines.



You can get the African out of Africa, but you can’t get …


Note: Libtards first. (Smile)

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Crap, Crap, Crap …

Looking at Pirate Bay for interesting things to watch.

Crap, Crap, Crap …  except for the House of Dragon which is acceptable.

The kind of trash I will NOT watch: Prey 2022

Genre: Action, Thriller

Director: Dan (((Trachtenberg)))


In the Comanche Nation in 1717, a fierce and highly skilled warrior named Naru learns the prey SHE is stalking is a highly evolved alien with a technologically advanced arsenal.


A “fierce and highly skilled FEMALE warrior”.


These Feminazi Female Warriors are SURE doing their EQUAL (50/50) share of the fightings, the killings and dyings on the steps of the Ukraine.

The world is in AWE at the Fearlessness of the “fierce and highly skilled FEMALE warriors” …  “fighting the highly evolved RUSSIAN alien with a technologically advanced arsenal..”


Humor in dark times

…Russian talk programs identify by name individuals in the Biden team whose outstanding stupidity, obtuseness and rank ignorance they find unbearable, with the likes of Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan and Lloyd Austin among those coming in for special mention.

We are left with the impression that

when Biden calls in his advisers to the Oval Office, he, senile dimwit that he is, is the bright light in the room.

I laughed … hard.