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Barbarian at the gates!

GHOULish but True

He wuz right you know.It is GHOULish to mock the THRUST the SCIENCErs VAXXing Woketards, but necessary and fun.Oups!  ((Michael Hit.lzik))) meant us anti VAXXers.He! He! He! The Joke is on him now.Wait?Is (((Michael Hit.lzik))) still alive?Or, did he get the saline?Let’s be on the sage side and open the (((Michael Hit.lzik))) DEATH WATCH!

Hoes with (delusions) of Grandeur

The Hoe already has kids and is parasiting her ex-husband AND is actively looking for her next mark.IF you don’t live up to her expectations you are a … loser.Har! Har! Har! Problem??? Nah! No problem.Sign me up for your used up vagina that will dry up the second I sign the contract, to support…

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