Not the Turkey Shoot they were looking for…

“The answer my friend, is

The Mercs, they are blown in the wind”

Lyrics by Robert Allen (((Zimmerman))), son of Abraham and Beth Zimmerman.

You might like this. It is from the “evil” Russkies’ side of thing.

I have slightly altered it, but not the fundamental sense of it. My point is to have fun while doing this.

Making fun of these Morons who went to fight in Kyiv for the New World Order and GloboHomo, alongside the UkroNazis.

The were looking for the “Sand Niger” thing and got the “Snow Niger” thing.

“What you don’t know, might will hurt yah!”


“Not that kind war at all”

Why American Mercenaries are deserting Ukraine, dropping their pants papers and weapons

Almost every Soldier of (mis) Fortune with an American passport claims that this war is “not at all like what we have seen before.”

On March 15, an American army veteran who went to fight in Ukraine and joined the territorial defense of Kyiv gave an interview to CNN and called all those who decided to go to defend the interests of Zelensky to change their minds.

After all, this is not the kind of carpet bombing war Americans are accustomed to. The Ukrainian army cannot give them such an opportunity.

The key idea that can be traced in the stories of American and European “Contractors” is the panic mood of the Ukrainian army. There is a strategic retreat along the entire front line. On March 15, a Soldier of (mis) Fortune posted a video on his channel, pants soiled, frightened and frustrated by the reality he discovered. At least he was lucky to survive.

“They tried to send us to Kyiv without weapons, equipment, ammunition. The people who were lucky enough to get weapons were only given magazines with ten rounds of ammunition,” shares a Mercenary from the 102nd Brigade of the Kyiv Territorial Defense unit.

Apparently, he is one of the soldiers of the Foreign Legion stationed at the Yavoriv training ground. On March 13, Russian long-range precision-guided weapons struck this base and the AFU training center in the village of Starichi.

The American’s words confirm this: “Our base is screwed up, our neighboring base is screwed up. Americans, dozens of Britons were killed.”

His words are echoed by U.S. Army veteran Jericho Skye. Live on CNN, Skye said something no one has ever said before:

“We’re in a strategic retreat to replenish our ammunition. We literally have nothing to fight with, we don’t know what to do about it yet.”

CNN’s official social media accounts began to make curious comments after this interview:

American soldiers are so used to air strikes that completely destroy the target, and then soldiers just waltzing in to mop up, that when they face real war, they start to soil their trousers tremble.”

Another feature of American Mercenary missions in Kyiv is the attitude of local neo-Nazis. American Mercs, who are used to strutting, leading and giving orders, face humiliation and threats against them.

“When the AFU wanted to send us to Kyiv, we said no. Our whole group: Americans, Canadians, Brits. And they told us that we had to go, otherwise they would shoot us in the back,” a surviving Mercenary from the 102nd Brigade of the Territorial Defense of Kyiv shared his memories.

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