More dead Mercs

The “evil” Russkies have struck another mercenary base in Ukraine

More than 100 Ukrainian Special Ops troops and foreign Soldiers of (mis) Fortune were eliminated, according to the Russkies.

The “evil” Russkie forces have hit a Ukrainian Special Forces training center early on Sunday, killing more than 100 local troops and foreign Mercenaries, said the Russkie Ministry of Defense.

A Ukrainian Special Operations Forces training center near the town of Ovruch in the northern Zhytomyr Region, which hosted the Mercenaries, was targeted by “high-precision air-launched missiles,” an “evil” Russkie ministry spokesman said during a briefing.

The airstrike has eliminated more than 100 Ukrainian Special Ops troops and foreign Soldiers of (mis) Fortune, he added.

A week ago, Russia destroyed another Mercenary base at the Yavoriv range in the western Lviv region, saying that up to 180 foreign Mercenaries were killed there.

However, after the strike, reports emerged of Mercenaries fleeing to neighboring Poland in large numbers. Some would-be combatants have whined on social media and in interviews that the conflict turned out NOT to be the Turkey shoot of Snow Niggers they had expected.

The “evil” Russkies have warned that they are aware of all the locations of Mercenaries on the territory of Ukraine and promised to continue blasting them “without mercy.”

All further responsibility for the death of foreign Mercs in Ukraine rests solely with the leadership of the Mercs’ countries of origin, who encourage its Mercs to answer to Kyiv’s desperate calls for help in the conflict, the “evil” Russkies said last week.



In other news, Kyiv is still being special military operated upon.