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Here is an interesting take down of the CNN fool Zakaria by Ilana Mercer.

She IS (Russian) Jewish, but at the risk of repeating myself, NAJALT.

Fareed Zakaria is a CNN serial plagiarizer. Like another CNN offender, online onanist Jeffrey Toobin …

ONLINE Onanist!

Har! Har! Har! Har!

What a great line.

The acid observations of The Economist are infinitely wiser, certainly calmer than Zakaria’s: “China’s leaders still want investment and technology from the West, but they think it is in decadent decline and are decoupling from Western norms and ideas.”

This point needs refining, because, while rejecting the West’s degenerate direction; China has selectively embraced many of the West’s highest achievements. For instance…

Classical Music

America’s youth have become increasingly licentious, lippy and libertine. Most are ignorant and lousy at writing, reasoning, and conversing coherently about anything other than raaaaaacism.

Antifa Red Guards

They have also become un-moored from their finest traditions.

The Chinese—who seem to know what’s good—are returning to things classical, traditional and eternally and universally beautiful.

Having banned corrupt hip-hop culture, China has a new export: Western classical music.

“Once, classical music generally travelled from the West to the rest,” marvels the Economist.

“Now China is reversing the exchange, not merely performing Western classical music in China, but exporting it.”

Taste is subjective, but standards are objective.

Hell’s a poppin!

The Chinese are going to be exporting OUR music to US!


Properly categorized as street theatre, not music, rap and hip-hop are, objectively speaking, gutter culture, certainly without any musical merit, technically and tonally.

The hip-hopster or rapper hoots and gestures obscenely like a primate on heat.

The movements that accompany the atonal grunts are a simulation of animalistic sex, the call of the wild, if you will. It’s repulsive. hip hop apes

Who is going Ape Shit, these days?


While America crumbles into a deadening, brutal wokeness; China, interestingly, seeks spiritual sustenance in its ancient, grand tradition of Confucianism.

Native to China, Confucianism was decimated by socialism, which—Mr. Zakaria may have forgotten—came out of the West.

Unlike our own Traitor Class, China’s leaders know what succors the soul, and they want to infuse the nation with that home-grown cultural sustenance.

The beauty of a shared, admired heritage is that the country can reclaim it as it works to reverse the foreign cultural revolution, which forbade Confucianism.

And indeed, “Chinese parents are keen on a more Confucian education,” confirms The Economist.

Core curriculum and Western classical texts have been all but purged from American schools.

In China, the number of “classical texts to be taught in schools has increased from 14 to 72.”

From here on, China’s kids will be “learning classical Chinese thought, texts and morals, especially those associated with Confucius.”


Mao Tse Tung’s “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” is … DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!

Xi Jinping

And who is behind this mission to elevate his people, not mire them in the dreary, postmodern deconstructionism into which America’s wokerati have plunged our now institutionally radicalized country?

No other than President Xi Jinping.

He “has done more than any other modern leader to elevate Confucian ideas.”

À la Antifa, “Gangs of Red Guards swarmed Qufu, Confucius’s hometown, and blew up his tomb.”

Americans have arrived at that point.

They are purging their foundational teachings and obliterating memorials and mementos to their spiritual fathers.

Been there; done that, say the Chinese.


On a side note, the State Department experts have done an analysis of Xi Ping.

Wikileaks has it: https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/09BEIJING3128_a.html

They STILL have/had real honest analysts at the State Department. Wow!

The main point, for me, is that Xi Ping is NOT corrupt (in the venal sense).

Xi was outwardly friendly, “always knew the answers” to questions, and would “always take care of you.”

The professor surmised that Xi’s newfound popularity today, which the professor found surprising, must stem in part from Xi’s being “generous and loyal.”

Xi also does not care at all about money and is not corrupt, the professor stated.

Xi can afford to be incorruptible, the professor wryly noted, given that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

It is likely that Xi could, however, be “corrupted by power.”

Well, what I thought immediately was Robespierre, the Incorruptible!

The VERY corrupt Fouche outlived him by decades.

Of course, conditions are not the same.

Mao Tse Tung was the corrupt Robespierre; he never went to the guillotine.


Xi knows how very corrupt China is and is repulsed by the all-encompassing commercialization of Chinese society, with its attendant nouveau riche, official corruption, loss of values, dignity, and self-respect, and such “moral evils” as drugs and prostitution, the professor stated.

The professor speculated that if Xi were to become the Party General Secretary, he would likely aggressively attempt to address these evils, perhaps at the expense of the new moneyed class.



He is party General Secretary, and the Chairman of Alibaba has been cut down quite a bit. Many, many others too.

Anyways, food for thought.

If the Russian and the Chinese survived the Cultural Revolution, so can the Americans.

It IS going to be a though decade or two, methinks.

On the positive side: Americans ARE armed, and it IS a BIG country.

To repeat myself; History does not repeat itself.