Trannyphobic Sorority girls

Young people are getting more and more reactionary, these days.


Come on, girls!

What’s the danger of a bit of female transgendered penis play between girls?

Are you all young Lezzies already?

A bit of female penile HERection won’t kill yah, will it?

You don’t want to end down on the “WRONG side of history”, do yah?

Article by Alyssa (((Guzman)))! Har! Har! Har!


Go woke, go broke …

… it’s not just a joke.


Authenticity and resilience?  Har! Har! Har!

Mx. S/He/It is authentically a cross-dressing she-male, FHS!

S/He/It could have some resilience, though.

Mx. Pips Bunce?

Who in tarnation sports such a name?

Members (ahem) of the British aristocracy?

Mx? Well, S/He/It is MIXed up, all right.

Pips? As in Fruit Pips?


He! He! He!

HEAD of investment?

I’m sure it all went down well. (Smile)

Bunce: (noun) a sudden happening that brings good fortune; a sudden opportunity to make money.

No wonder Mx. S/He/It was in banking.

Sudden? As in taken the VAXX and “suddenly” passing on?

BTW : the Credit Suisse thing was kind of a “sudden” thing wasn’t it?

Nah! Just another (((cohencidence))).


80 medical “suddenlies” in Canada


Well, Dr Shoe, these 80 Canadian doctors got their FOURTH shot.


Stupid to the fourth degree.

Shows you don’t have to be that smart to become a doctor.

The plus side: these 80 medical morons will not be putting the lives of their patients in danger anymore.

So, there is that.

This was on Twatter.

Let’s look at the silver lining, shall we.

Let’s see: 60 days, 80 “suddenly” medical morons; so there will 320 less such idiots per year.

The depopulation scheme will run out of steam in about 10 years; so about 3,200 less medical morons.

Finally, Canadians will be safer.



Victoria went Woke, S/he/its now gone Broke

Victoria’s Secret was to go obese, queer, feminazi, tranny, niggardly and ugly Woke.

S/he/its are now Bank Broke.

S/he/its “Secrets” are henceforth “culturally irrelevant”.

After the PK investment, Victoria’s Secret went in bankruptcy in Sweden.

Underwear giant Victoria’s Secret has been rocked by controversy over its politically left-wing fascist correct campaigns featuring fat feminazis.

Now the Swedish operation has gone woke and bankrupt, reports Ehandel.


The company Amarla Retail AB, which runs the Swedish company, has suffered heavy losses recently according to Ehandel.

The stores in Mall of Scandinavia, Gallerian in Stockholm and Femman in Gothenburg will be open for a while longer. Bankruptcy administrator Lars Lundberg says that the plan is to “try to keep the stores open and maintain sales as before, but now under my and the bankruptcy estate’s hat”.

The company’s “woke and broke scandal

Victoria’s Secret announced in the summer of 2021 that they would no longer use slim attractive models because these have become “culturally irrelevant” today.

Instead, it has focused on showcasing left-wing feminazi activists and otherwise unattractive and morbidly obese woahmen of various colors and sizes in its ad campaigns – something that has led to accusations that the company had gone “woke” (roughly aggressively politically left-wing fascist correct).

Victoria’s Secret CEO Amy Hauk announced the other week that she would step down from her post following the woke and broke scandal, Fox Business reported at the time.


Victoria’s Secret announced in the summer of 2021 that they would no longer use slim attractive models.

Published January 12, 2023 at 4:22 p.m.


That sure went fast.