You’ll Never Be a Woman

in the ancient Greek tragedies

the women were all played by a man

I guess that ain’t hard to understand

it was a different time in a distant land

but nowadays it’s one big gay parade


and no one seems to bat an eye

when kids can pick if they’re a gal or a guy

you will never be a woman

cuz a woman has a womb, not a man

you can never be a woman

that’s tough for some folks to understand

you will never be a woman

try as you might

you look like Cher not Snow White


and while they take our rights away

you’re up at night deciding if you’re queer, bi, or gay

or maybe, hey! go seize the day

Cut your balls

and throw those balls away

you will never be a woman

don’t be mad you’re a lad

you’re Adam not Madam

is it that bad being a guy?

I don’t mean to be rude

but you’re still a dude

you’ll never be a man

your hips don’t lie

cuz you weren’t born a guy

you can never be a man

if even Wikipedia tells me

you’re still Ellen not Elliot

you’ll never be a man

give it a rest

get that fur off your chest

the feminine is magical

don’t change it cuz they told you that it’s fashionable

you’d have to be fanatical to throw your boobs away


you will never be a man

you’re Eve, you’re not Steve

please call the Woke Police

does that make you feel more like a man?

you can call me a pig and a prick

but you’re still a chick

you will never be a woman

cuz the world needs more men acting like men

you will never be a woman

we need fathers and fighters

to lead us and guide us

you will never be a woman


no one’s impressed,

Richard, take off that dress

the masculine is powerful

but they tell us that it’s toxic and intolerable

they want us meek and malleable 

so, no one stands in their way

it’s ok you’re not a woman

it’s great you’re a mate

it’s swell you’re a gal

and it’s lovely being alive

for the surface doesn’t show what’s deep inside

we were all born perfect souls, there’s no need to hide

You Will Never Be a Woman – Original Song – YouTube