Judicial nominee says crimes should be forgiven ‘in name of “socialist justice”’


One of President Pedo Joe’s district judge nominees answered that some criminal acts (by “protected” minorities) should be overlooked on the grounds of “socialist justice.”

Miz Anne Nightmare-Trauma – Pedo Joes’ nominee to serve as US district judge for Nevada – gave the definitive dodging answer to Republican Louisiana Senator John Kennedy’s question at a confirmation hearing, for an entire five minutes.

Kennedy asked Miz Trauma a total of nine (9) times.

The Traumatic Nightmare does believe “that a criminal act (by a member of a “protected” minority) should be forgiven in the name of “socialist justice.”

Miz Trauma argued that the question of legalizing the crimes of “protected” minorities was a “policy issue.”

The Law was a “highly individualized and fact-specific process for all members of a “protected minorities” involved.”

The Traumatic Nightmare noted that forgiving the illegal acts of “favored minority” in the name of “socialist justice” was “… a view that she has yet (officially to take) in her work.”

Miz Trauma refused to denounce the stance that some should be unequal in the eyes of the Law.

She instead told Kennedy that she did not have, yet “a viewpoint to share.”

Nonetheless, after a vigorous verbal back-and-forth, the Traumatic Nightmare did answer one (1) forceful question.

“What’s your favorite color?” asked Senator Kennedy.

Miz Trauma reflected on this for several (i.e., numerous) seconds to respond “blue.”

We can all now relax knowing that the color “blue” will henceforth be forgiven any illegal act in the name of “socialist justice” (as will the Black, Brown, Yellow and Red colors).



Traum (German) – dream

from Proto-Germanic *draumaz;

Draugmaz: from Proto-Indo-European *dʰrewgʰ- (“to deceive, injure, damage)

Alpträum (German) – Nightmare


1690s, “physical wound,” medical Latin, from Greek trauma “a wound, a hurt, a defeat,”

from PIE *trau-, extended form of root *tere- (1) “to rub, turn,” with derivatives referring to twisting, piercing, etc.