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GLOAT or GIOAT (greatest idiot of all times)

Where was Anthony O’Fl..k two years ago?

He was NOT telling the THRUST the SCIENCErs to NOT behave like Totalitarian Fascists.

The COVIDiots have mocked, ridiculed, hounded, ostracized ejected from jobs and killed millions of people.

Many are still doing it.

We are supposed to treat these morons with respect?


What an imbecile.

Ridicule of the THRUST the SCIENCErs may force them to start thinking for themselves and NOT thrust the next lie of the “narrative”?

Nah, they are all busy throwing out their gas stoves.



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Warning! Harsh Language is used.

But … they LEGIT called for me to be locked up or even killed over it…..

fuck them.

Except people had their lives ruined or altered for NOT taking it. They acted like jerks and denied people access to all sorts of things.

lmao no. Nice try though

absofuckinglutely not. I will smash it in their fucking faces every chance I get. Enjoy heart failure everyone

after being ridiculed, threatened, denied services, excluded from places and events; and being called crazy, ignorant and selfish for the past two years?

Naw, I’m going to gloat and gloat hard.

Everyone I care about, with the exception of my husband, has taken it so I have no desire to gloat. I just pray that we won’t see the mass die off that so many have predicted.

He’s way off. It’s not pride and it doesn’t feel good to be right. Those of us who refused to take the jab tried to tell people over and over again and were mocked and ridiculed. And if you keep getting the boosters after all the bullshit, then God help you.

They are suffering from a case of Mass formation psychosis along with Stockholm Syndrome and a touch of denial and guilt. They must be treated with respect even though you wanna hit them with the biggest ” I told you so ever”.

Dear Mr. O’Flynn,

Suck my ass.

I don’t gloat on those who thought they were doing the right things taking the jab. It is the ones who did and then try to gaslight me that I will gloat on.

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Writing them off as stupid idiots

Why were the VAXXers getting vaccinated?

Try to understand their thinking. Then write them off as the stupid idiots they were.


She wuz right you know.

The VAXXines for Covid19 were adequately tested.

They are now working as intended. Harriet just ”suddenly” found out.


Now who will be writing Kirk Hall’s postmortem Twatter message?clip_image005Well, let me give it a go.

Kirk & Harriet Hall

On Dumbday

This is Kirk Hall’s friendly acquaintance.

I know Harriet and Kirk’s work was followed and admired by many of you VAXXers and VAXXees. It is with great sadness that I must tell you that Kirk, my beloved acquaintance, passed away quietly and “suddenly” in his sleep last night. At this moment, he would probably simply ask you to spare a kindly thought of him, be kind to all VAXXers and VAXXees and continue to support them in their belief in the Pfizer truth.

Please take care.

Looks like Kirk ain’t too happy with the likes of me:

The antivaxxers are a loathsome, despicable group who seem to be able to plumb the deepest levels of depravity to push their agenda”.

So said Kirk Hall, husband of Dr. Harriet Hall, 77, the famous Air Force doctor and VAXX pusher who just died of congestive heart failure. He was mad that some had suggested she died of the vaccine she had been pushing. I don’t know whether she did or not, but I do find it curious that a doctor who had “an arrhythmia of many years duration and was already in delicate health” in 2020 would not only push a untested faux-vaccine from Pfizer—one of the most corrupt companies on the planet —but allegedly also take multiple doses of it herself.

Doesn’t say much for her medical acumen, or her broader judgment. We have to ask why she was so keen to push this faux-vaccine, an experimental gene therapy she had no expertise in, one that was rushed through trials and for which Pfizer was exempt from responsibility. Is it really depraved of me to ask that question? I don’t think so.

My assumption is that everyone who conspicuously pushed these vaccines was paid to do so, and I will stick with that until it is proved otherwise. So who is really loathsome, despicable, and depraved in this story: those who tried to warn against these deadly vaccines, or those who pushed them on a nation of trusting and fearful citizens with lies, false assurances, faked statistics, shaming and other psychological tricks, raw authority, illegal mandates, and outright threats?