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Maternal Instinct Is a Myth That Men Created

NYT: “Maternal Instinct Is a Myth That Men Created”


Now that feminism, hoist by its own petard of social constructionism, is on the ropes and being pummeled by ruthlessly aggressive men in frocks wearing a simple chain of pearls, it’s easy to feel a little sympathy for feminists. But then you see an example of old school feminism in its purest form, the same argument you’ve heard a million times before … From the New York Times opinion section:

it’s easy to feel a little sympathy for feminists?


No pity for the FemiNazis!



Shita Da Beef goes full Catho

You will remember Shita Da Beef, right?

He had a online video where people could say, 24 hours a day, that

“He (President Trump) will not divide us.”

Poor Shita, people made fun of his video in New York. He moved it to the countryside and autists on 4Chan found the location … and he just gave up.

He Will Not Divide Us Flag | Sons Of Liberty Wiki | Fandom

Trump had really divided him.

Well, there is Redemption, I guess:

Shita has gone full Catholic …

Let’s reserve judgment on this shall we.

Shia LaBeouf converts to Catholicism after studying for ‘Padre Pio’ movie