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Tik Tok Toe VAXX pusher … dies “suddenly”


Jehanne (not of Orleans, obviously) used to be a VAXX pusher, until the VAXX pushed her/him/it out of …life.

Har! Har! Har! Har! Har!

Unsure whether s/he/it had VAXXed her/his/its two boys. You never know:

I feel sorry for the kids. But she was pushing the vax and that makes her complicit in murder. I hope she did not jab her kids. This story keeps repeating itself. They are still killing the children.”

Some Comments at BitChute:

The Best one is:

She got jabbed so she could attend a wedding. Well … it was worth it. A wedding and a funeral that is.

Let’s hope the wedding in France really was worth dying for… (Smile)

A Wedding and a Funeral! Har! Har! Har! Har! Har!

Well, so far I see that VAXX is eliminating only “the right” kind of ppl so … I think it means that the  VAXX works ()

Another entitled elitist leaves two-kids without a mother.

All the HR “professionals” that pushed this in the workforce need to stay up to date on their boosters as well. They need to get extra boosters!! Lots of them. To make sure they stay safe!!

Hey, at least it was a quick and painless death

Just not very bright, was she?


Tic Tok Toers are idiots

The Only Question she will ask God is “How Many People seen My last Post on Tick Tock Toe”? Idiot!!

She was blessed to get that second jab before she left us.

Her forehead lives forever!

Stupid Tik Tok Toe whore, I hope she didn’t let the doctor inject her children with the death jab, but with these mentally ill freaks no wonder !

The poison acts slowly for surely


The good part is, “She ain’t feeling tired no more.”

Har! Har! Har!