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Be ALL You Can Be

All racist, hetero-sexist, cis-gendered, testosterone-poisoned, toxic-masculinist, Christophile White males are required to sign up and join to DIE for Globohomo, saving the Feminazis, protecting the DIE (Diversity Inequity & Exclusion) parasites and uplifting the Trannies and Affirmative Reactionary Niggardlies.


Yup! Sign me up.

I have got a spare life to lose.

Har! Har! Har! Har!

Here, at the end of the US Army psy-op video, is the real target of this propaganda: clip_image004

Come on, buddy! Only U can do it.

The Trannies, Lezzies, Faggots, Feminazis, fat slobs, low IQ Blacks & Mulla-toes and obese Black Single Mothers of the US Armed Forces ain’t gonna fight the Russkies and the Chinamen.


Be ALL you can be!

You too can become a future discarded Veteran that populate the homeless shelters of the Ole US of A, or die of a Fentanyl overdose.

IF, you have been lucky enough not to have your balls blown up in the Ukraine, in Taiwan or some other God forsaken place.


Globohomo is getting ready for WW III.