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In the future, everyone will be WHITE

The WHITE Woolly Mammoth will Rule the Planet – Vox Day

First of all, despite all my criticism of corrupt modern science, modern engineering is both amazing and cool. I would absolutely love to see the woolly mammoth and other great beasts of the past brought back to life.

Second, consider the implications of the DNA match between the woolly mammoth and the Asian elephant.


When similar genes can be edited to turn an Asian elephant embryo into a woolly mammoth, then obviously it will not be much more difficult to turn an Asian embryo into a Nordic European.


Although obviously the genetic engineering could be, and will be, applied in a wide variety of directions, the immense size of the hair-color of WHITE people, contact lens that imitate WHITE eyes, skin WHITEning, and WHITE imitating plastic surgery industries make it entirely obvious that the WHITE direction will be generally preferred by parents, the world over, which is to say, which way the profitable investment is going to run.


In the future, everyone will be WHITE: blond-haired, blue-eyed, and beautiful.

Whether they want to be or not.