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Obese is slurred word?


Well, OK!

Let’s’ try some non-slurred words:

corpulent, gross, heavy, fleshy, fat, porcine, overweight, portly, stout, well upholstered, adiposed, chubby, chunky, embonpointed, plump, pullied, pudgied, rotund, stocky, tubby, overflowed, beefy, bulky, dumpy, full bodied, heavy, squat, stocky, stubby, thick, thicker, thickest, paunchy, potbellied, brawny, burly, husky, broad, broad in the beam, fat as a pig, large, bulled, oversized, deep, wide, orotund, round, overabundant, overflowed, overkilled, overmatched, overpoliced, superfluoussed, surfeited, surplussed …


Well, Clutched Leah, have I eradicated sufficiently?