The GRETARD’s Comeback

The Gretard has millions of instant Twatter followers.



You know, make you wonder why this Tate guy (who does LOOK manly) has the hots for a prepubescent girl. Pedophilia is it?

The poor Gretard, who is pushing 20, hasn’t had her first menstruation yet.

Come on Tate!

You should know the first rule of Nature: Old enough to bleed, Old enough to breed.

Mother Nature is a sexist, and racist, Bitch!

Come on, man! Everyone knows that.

Vox Day is right. The Gretard CAN be reached at titiesniet@alcoholsyndrome.com



ONE is SINGULAR: one millions? (Yikes). Millions takes the plural.

OTOH, this could be from the anti-White Male Oppressive Grammar we keep hearing about.

You gotta keep up with what’s happenin’, man!

PPS Who in his right mind does not know that the Gretard has a committee writing her emails?

Just like the walking corpse, (Pedo) Joseph ROBINGette Biden.