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“Learning to Code” in the media, entertainment & advertising industries

Yeh, Gods, the Libtards will have to start learning “How to Code”.

What a bummer. It’s Vicious, I tells yah.


Just as the ChatGPT is going to replace these Vicious NutFlexed, BUZZed Feed Woketards.


Not even two weeks ago, I tweeted “Never have I ever been so happy that my job in the media, entertainment, and advertising industry is too niche for anyone to spend $1 billion creating an AI to replace me.”

Boy, was I wrong. So, so, so wrong. My job is not safe. No one’s job is safe. I’ve been experimenting with ChatGPT and its ability to craft media, entertainment, and advertising industry text on demand has moved beyond interesting and into astonishing. It’s so astonishing that …

PS Please DO have a second look at the picture.

Propaganda does NOT always lie.

The first Libtards to be ejected will be be Leftard White, straight males.

He! He! He! He! He!

Shaden Freude! What a wicked drug, he?