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Another “THRUSTing the Science” idiot bites the VAXX!

Another sodomy promoting whorenalist “suddenly” dies.


Lots and lots of such “suddenlies” these days.

This “whorenalist” named (((Wahl))) was “married” to Celine Gounder but they had no children.


Never trust a pedo-face married “whorenalist” wearing a rainbowed sodomite T-shirt.

OTOH, s/he/it did have a sense of gallows’ humor:

“I didn’t have Covid (I test regularly here), but I went into the medical clinic at the main media center today, and they said I probably have bronchitis,” he posted on Substack.”


Arh!, Arh!, Arh, Arh!, Arh!, Arh! …

“The coronavirus vaccines are incredible and not getting enough credit for the marvel that they are.”

WRONG! They are, they are.

Arh!, Arh!, Arh, Arh!, Arh!, Arh! …

I’m in tears … Sad smile

“Vaxxed and Boosted” American Soccer Journalist Grant Wahl Dies Suddenly While Covering World Cup Match
Elvis Dunderhoff

December 10, 2022
He shot that Science right in his veins!
Now he’s paying the ultimate price!
Revenge of the Science!

He was making a point to promote the Science of anus at the event.
His wife has a Ukraine flag bio.
You get what you give, I suppose.