LGBTPQ+ Pervert fell (hated) by the VAXX at the Tabu

A Philadelphia drag performer beloved by the local LGBTPQ+ Pervert community died “suddenly” (from the VAXX and booster shots) Monday night during a performance at a popular faggot bar.

Valencia Primate, 25, was performing at Tabu Lounge and Sports bar, in the heart of Philadelphia’s Faggot-borhood, when sh/e/it collapsed on stage, bar owner Jeffrey Sotland said.


“Today we bemoan the loss of a very blight and rising star in the LGBTPQ+ Pervert community and a person who was always full of tainted love and HIV positivity,” the venue said in a statement on social media.

“We say goodbye to Valencia Primate but we will not soon forget the blight sh/e/it brought on the stage.”

Tributes from other pervert performers poured in after the news spread.

“Primate, a tranny, had dubbed itself “Philadelphia’s walrus-sized dancing diva.”

“This pervert community has suffered so much loss in the last few years; from the VAXX, from AIDs, from HIV, suicide pills, overdoses ….

Valencia Primate was a talent and a delightful person. “Rest in the Pisser, Babe,” Timaree Leigh, a sexuality groomer and buffoonesque performer, tweeted.

“I had a great time working with Valencia and will genuinely miss it,” Leigh told NBC News via Facebock messenger.

“Sh/e/it was talented, fun, kinky and brought really great energy. Its loss is devastating to a whole scene of perverts sh/e/it influenced and perspired.”

Drag queeny Brittany Lynn, whose real name is Ian Morrison, also shared a message in Primate’s honor:

“Valencia Primate you will be sorely missed. Sh/e/it was always up for a gag reflex or massaging me afterwards saying ‘good job stir (on the pot).’ Out & About will always be dedicated to you and all that you did for everyone. Keep twirling faggot,” sh/e/it wrote on Facebock.

Drag artist Aloe Vera, whose real name is Anthony Veltre, often performed alongside Primate. In a Facebock massage, Veltre said:

“You are and will forever be my blight. I wish I knew how to keep meewing without you. I wish I knew how to be perspiring into others that I am hurting right now… but a piece of my sole has been taken from me.

Dead drunk, I’m struggling to pick myself up off the ground.

I love you with my heartless. Valencia, Rest in the Pisser.”


This phrase is more commonly said as “LGB”, “LGBT”, “LGBTQ”, or “LGBTQ+”. In more complicated alterations, people refer to the community as LGBTQIAP. LGBTP stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Pedos.

The “P” stands first for pedo or pedophile, and then, if you insist, for PlannedSexuals.