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The Fall of the Mighty Mercs

The Amerikan Mercs in the Ukraine are resorting to the begging bowl, for food, fuel … well, for everything.

Well, well, well. Just a few short weeks ago, they were the Greatest Thing Eva!

You need a heart of stone not to laugh at these friggin idiots, fighting for GloboHomo and the NWO: “You will own nothing and you will be happy”.

Well … pretty soon, the Mighty Mercs will indeed have nothing.

Not even their lives.

Somebody is going to be happy about that.

What is Bid Daddy, Uncle SAMuel, doing to keep the poor (he, he, he) Mercs alive?

Well, at least, temporarily alive.


You see.

I AM doing MY part.

I AM sharing.

I am donating my Schaden Freude to the cause.