Name My Fat Chick Band!


All of these bands play HEAVY LARD, a new genre of rock ‘n’ roll.


The Mamas Ate the Papas

Fatwood Mac ‘n’ Cheese

The Rolling Layers of Fat


The Fatles

Flabba and their hit “Eating Queen”

Pig Floyd

Fätty Crüe

The Golden Corral Girls

(US buffet restaurant Golden Corral notorious for its large portions and patrons plus “Golden Girls” TV show)

Fish Styx

Great White Whales

Journey to the Buffet and their hit “Don’t Stop Eatin'”

Electric Heavy Orchestra

The Big River of Food Band

Bon Appetit

Fat Leppard

Erica Fatton & Heavy Cream and their hit “I Ate the Sheriff”

Dunkin’ & the Donuts

Weezer Cuz I’m Fat and Out of Shape

The Give In to Temptations

Too Big to Fit Through the Doors

Food Poison

REO Chuckwagon

Food Row

Fat Sabbath

Salt N Peppa N Bacon N Extra Cheese N . . .


The Dessert Dolls

The Chubbie Chicks

The Pizza Supremes

The Mighty Mighty Water Buffalos

Buffalo Fatfield

Air Supply Cut Off Cuz I’m So Fat

Overweight Queen and their hit “I Eat It All”

The Fabulous Thunderthighs

The Who Ate Everything

The Go-Go’s to the Buffet

The Eatles

The Feeding Tubes and their hit “She’s a Fatty”

Blue Öyster Buffet and their hit “Don’t Fear the Eater”

Fat Company

Alice Cooped Up in the House Cuz She’s Too Fat to Get Out


Heavy Purple

Grand Funk Smorgasbord


Fat Halen

The Gristly Dead

Molly Ate the Hatchet

Bay City Eaters

Canned Food Heat

The Fatty Blues

The All-You-Can-Eat Sisters Band

Eating INXS

XTC of Overeating

Genesis of Ill Health

Heavy as Iron Maiden

The Eating Heads

Megadeth Due to Obesity