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GloboHomo suffers a blow

Ukraine commander suspected of meeting spies, instead busted meeting tranny for sex

A Ukrainian colonel and deputy of the Odessa City Council was reportedly caught, quite literally, with his pants down amid a suspected espionage case. According to reports in local media, Colonel Andrey Kislovsky was suspected of heading to a hotel to meet with Russian spies, but the truth turned out to be much stranger.

Instead of meeting spies, Kislovsky had actually gone to the hotel to have sex with a  tranny  named Jasmine.

Hotel Captain Nemo, owned by (((Oligarch))) Kislovsky, reportedly houses an underground brothel, which is where the colonel was found and immediately tackled by Ukrainian guards, who had seemingly failed to wonder why he’d be meeting spies stark naked.

As Bond movie plots go, this one probably would end up being a classic.


Ukraine is being “special military operated” upon by Russia and Colonels have time to screw trannies?

Why with a low life tranny?

Was the head homo, (((Zelensky))), otherwise, ahem, engaged? Too coked up?

No wonder the Ukraine is losing the anti ‘special military operationwar.