F-35 Feminist Pilot

The World’s First Feminist Pilot of an F-35 Fighter Crashed in Her/His/Its First Flight

The World’s Finest Femisexist Pilot Crashes An F-35 Fighter on Her/His/Its First Attempt


Following the publication of a video of a collision between an American F-35 fighter and the deck of an aircraft carrier, it became known that the world’s first female F-35 pilot was behind the wheel of a fifth-generation US Navy fighter. This, according to American sources, was her first flight from the deck of the aircraft carrier, which turned out to be enough to destroy a fighter worth more than $ 100 million.

Carl Vinson, a member of the American aircraft carrier crew, told the media that the fighter was piloted by a woman, noting that despite the fact that the woman had completed a full training course and successfully completed a takeoff and landing training program on the aircraft carrier deck, for her, the current flight was the first from the deck of a real warship.

It is noteworthy that in the video you can hear the crew furiously giving instructions to the F-35 pilot, probably realizing that the crash of the fighter will be virtually inevitable, and literally in a few moments the woman tries to align the fighter relative to the deck, but without success.

The US Navy Command has not yet commented on such information.

The world’s first female pilot of an F-35 fighter crashed in the first flight