AOC fails at her TAX A RICH ploy

AOC fails at her TAX the A RICH(man) ploy

An Occasional Cortex, the hard-working Sephardic barmaid from the Bronx splashed her body at the top social event of the New York capitalist oligarchy.

Alas, she did not find Mr. Right (you know, the man with the hard cold cash).

Had her venture been fruitful, the speed with which she would have “flushed” out her present beau, Riley Roberts, and, ahem, “discovered” her maternal instincts (those eggs are not getting any younger, you know) would have made your head spin.

AOC flashed her ample bosom and behind to no avail.

Well, she was only a quarter naked.

She cleanly got outmaneuvered by her nearly half-naked, younger, tighter and skinnier competition in … red.

Who knew the Oligarchs’ attention pricked up a lot more for sinful red than for virginal white?

They probably have developed a knack for detecting fake vestals.

Have you noticed Oligarchs don’t have to wear a mask? But the actual working class, you know, the servants doing real work, need to wear a mask.

The Oligarchs are immune!

The virus is Marxist.

It has developed a class consciousness.