AOC ”Puts on the Ritz”

AOC, the barmaid with “An Occasional Cortex” went to $35,000 a head event, The Metropolitan Gala, THE most elitist event in New York’s social calendar.

AOC wore a $10,000 virginal white dress showing lots of skin and cleavage. Many of the gals there showed plenty of cleavage and skin.

One major rule of life: don’t listen to what women say, watch what they actually do; it is much more … revealing

AOC’s vestal dress sported the message “TFax the Rich”.

Well, what she actually meant was “F..k the Rich”; or more accurately, I want to “Get F…ed by a Rich”.

Well, you know, this is what a poor hard working Sephardic girl from the Bronx has got to do … to get ahead.

A scientific study, cited by Wright, documented that ovulating young women subconsciously dress to expose far more skin at events with courtship possibilities than non-ovulating young women.  Ovulating females wear deeper necklines, higher hemlines, shorter sleeves as well as bare midriffs and backs.

R. Don Steele, BODY LANGUAGE SECRETS – A Guide During Courtship and Dating