Russia willing to talk to the Ukraine …

…about its capitulation.


The subject of the conversation between Moscow and Kyiv may be how exactly the conditions of Russia will be met, said Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian President. “Of course, about how our conditions will be met,” Peskov said in an interview with journalist Pavel Zarubin in the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin program, which was published on Vladimir Solovyov’s Telegram channel, answering the question whether Russia has anything to talk about with Vladimir Zelensky after his statements. When asked if Moscow’s conditions remain the same, the Kremlin spokesman answered in the affirmative. “Definitely,” Peskov said.



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Doctors are Smart, you think?

Well, think again.

Young (relatively)  and smart (you would hope) Canadian doctors had taken a SECOND booster short AFTER taking the deadly VAXX.

Young doctors in Canada are dying at a rate 23X normal after the second booster

We now have all the CMA Canadian doctor death data in a spreadsheet. It shows that doctors 50 and younger are being killed after the second booster a rate that is 23X normal.

Here are few of these morons:


Well, as you know “Every cloud has its silver lining”.

The silver lining here that these idiots won’t be killing anymore of their patients.

So, there is that.

Thank God for small mercies.

PS  I read, somewhere, that by age 40 one should know enough about one’s health to be one’s own general practitioner. Then you “consult” the medical doctors and YOU make your own decisions.

DO educate yourself will you. The information is out there.

The deadly VAXX. There WAS enough information out there, even two years ago. The dead doctors deserved their fate.

IDIOCRACY! It’s not just a movie.



The Devil’s Pride

This is probably what you were referring to.

Love what the Trannies are doing to the Lezzies, and the FemiNazis in general.

They have become Reactionary TERFs.

Har! Har! Har!

Lots of Freude in that Schaden for me.


Freude! Freude! Freude!

The Devil’s Pride

Sooner or later, every servant of the wicked will be hurled from the high horse of their master.

Police removed lesbians from a LGBTPQ+ pride march in Cardiff with an officer telling gender-critical women to step aside due to ‘confrontation’ with a transgender group and their supporters.

Get The L Out UK, a lesbian activist group that ‘stands against… transgenderism,’ shared footage from yesterday’s Cardiff Pride event. In the clip, a lesbian and a transgender woman can be seen shouting at each other on St Mary Street during the LGBTPQ+ march. The lesbian activists had ‘interrupted’ the march, and were not registered members of the parade, Pride Cymru confirmed.

The police officer can be heard saying to the women that their group is ‘causing confrontation between different groups of people.’ He adds: ‘To make sure you’re safe, we are going to remove you from the road.’

A woman replies, stating: ‘I want to make sure that I understand that you’re removing lesbians from an LGBTPQ+ march.’

The officer confirms that ‘yes, that is what’s happening. for safety, for your safety… for other people’s safety — that’s why I’m doing it.’

The L’s don’t realize that they have already served their purpose on the slippery slope. Now they are being cast aside in favor of the T’s, the P’s, and the Z’s. Because the current push for normalizing Baphometic transgenderism is well-underway, while the initial positioning required to initiate the normalization of deeper evils such as pedophilia and bestiality has already begun.

The full extent of Clown World’s wickedness has not even begun to show itself. But those with historical knowledge to recognize the pattern can see it coming.


Saturday, August 27, 2022 11:51 PM
Subject: Re: Next Step

Yep, paganism is back. Whether it’s “pride,” “shout your abortion,” or whatever debauchery and sin they think up next, everything old is new again. Everything you mention and more will be on the table.

I haven’t noticed animals suffering from monkey pox. Have you noticed the divide between the LGBs and the Ts? It seems some of the LGBs now regret what they have wrought; turns out the slippery slope we warned about is real. Oh, well.

Our ancestors weren’t as dumb, and we aren’t as great, as we think.


What do YOU think will be the next step down?

German Bestiality Buffs Demand Legalization of Sex with Animals



Legalized cannibalism?

Openly throwing children in the fires of Baal?

Jesus, I am at a loss?


BTW, you did notice animals suffering from Monkey Pox, around their anus, right.

Some children too.

No wonder our ancestors gathered faggots so many times.


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Maternal Instinct Is a Myth That Men Created

NYT: “Maternal Instinct Is a Myth That Men Created”


Now that feminism, hoist by its own petard of social constructionism, is on the ropes and being pummeled by ruthlessly aggressive men in frocks wearing a simple chain of pearls, it’s easy to feel a little sympathy for feminists. But then you see an example of old school feminism in its purest form, the same argument you’ve heard a million times before … From the New York Times opinion section:


it’s easy to feel a little sympathy for feminists?


No pity for the FemiNazis!



Next Step Down

What do YOU think will be the next step down?

German Bestiality Buffs Demand Legalization Of Sex With Animals



Legalized cannibalism?

Openly throwing children in the fires of Baal?

Jesus, I am at a loss.


BTW, you did notice animals suffering from Monkey Pox, around their anus, right.

Some children too.

No wonder our ancestors gathered so many faggots.

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Drill the Coal, Pay the Toll!

Another brainwashed White Liberal Libtard woman, discovering (WAY too late) that Race does exists.

That RACISM (preference for one’s race) is GOOD!


Won’t be having little white children will she?

OTOH, she won’t be having any Little Half-breed Mulatoes, either.

So there IS that.

One Kenyan born half Black, Half Jewish Barack Hussein O’Bongo was enough, thank you.

Also, “All Libtard’s Lives” seem to not matter very much, now do they?


Medical Science is Faked

Medical Science is Faked

Around 70 percent of all medical science trials are faked.

As he described in a webinar last week, Ian Roberts, professor of epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, began to have doubts about the honest reporting of trials after a colleague asked if he knew that his systematic review showing the mannitol halved death from head injury was based on trials that had never happened. He didn’t, but he set about investigating the trials and confirmed that they hadn’t ever happened. They all had a lead author who purported to come from an institution that didn’t exist and who killed himself a few years later. The trials were all published in prestigious neurosurgery journals and had multiple co-authors. None of the co-authors had contributed patients to the trials, and some didn’t know that they were co-authors until after the trials were published. When Roberts contacted one of the journals the editor responded that “I wouldn’t trust the data.” Why, Roberts wondered, did he publish the trial? None of the trials have been retracted.

Later Roberts, who headed one of the Cochrane groups, did a systematic review of colloids versus crystalloids only to discover again that many of the trials that were included in the review could not be trusted…

Mol, like Roberts, has conducted systematic reviews only to realise that most of the trials included either were zombie trials that were fatally flawed or were untrustworthy. What, he asked, is the scale of the problem? Although retractions are increasing, only about 0.04% of biomedical studies have been retracted, suggesting the problem is small. But the anesthetist John Carlisle analyzed 526 trials submitted to Anesthesia and found that 73 (14%) had false data, and 43 (8%) he categorized as zombie. When he was able to examine individual patient data in 153 studies, 67 (44%) had untrustworthy data and 40 (26%) were zombie trials.

So much for the “studies show” rhetoric. Karl Denninger is, as you might expect, taking a calm and measured approach to the news.

Our government has run a scam shop for the last couple of decades. Everyone seems to consider this is just a “cost of doing business” and that somehow, this is a monetary thing mostly or even only. No its not — not even in the main. Oh sure, you get screwed out of thousands per-person every year in the medical field through their monopolistic and other price-fixing practices, all of which under 15 USC Chapter 1 are felonies, but the monetary harm to your wallet is trivial in comparison to years of life lost or even your immediate disability or death.

Should we consider all medical advice and “studies” to be frauds until proved otherwise?


We should have decades ago.

The convergence of science and medicine is rending both completely unfit for purpose and unable to perform their primary functions.