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Once you go Black …


But … Boy, oh Boy, was that Niggardly god in bed.

Now in dire need of Captain Save a Hoe!


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Pay the Toll – I avoid and ignore Whites who mix or adopt these mongrel children. I don’t even give them eye contact anymore, or I look at them with disdain.

He has your palms . . .

Translation – I need some white guy w a job to support my black kid. Lol

In ten years, when her best days are gone and she is alone with her niglet, she’ll lose that confidence.

No, you won’t, because the right one for you was White. Unfortunately for you, when you go black, we don’t want you back.

That nigger is gonna kill her, if another nigger she shacks up with doesn’t beat him to it.

Keep the change you filthy animal.”

The only thing you will find is poverty and loneliness.

News flash no self-respecting white man’s going to want this.

That taint is now forever tainted.

already practicing to strangle her to death.

idiotic to take nigger dick, and retarded to think a normal person will want to raise your little chimp.

it’s my experience that when cute girls like this one go for black guys is mainly because they are such emptied headed sluts that no other men, except blacks want them. Don’t worry, she will choose another abusive black guy again.

Single motherhood doesn’t only destroy their kids, everyone around them and society as a whole and every statistic proves that. Single fathers has by far better by far outcomes.

Sons of YHVH.

Wrong race. Not the wrong man

No shit Sherlock…

terrifying this boy passes as light too. He’s not got those nasty black marks on him.

Look here faggot. These are your White women. Go lick the nigger cum out of their pussies, you simp.

White Women Murdered by Black Men

one day she will request some money from Tyrone when he’s in a bad mood, and end up on this list https://archive.org/details/white-women-murdered-by-black-men

If she does survive, she’ll be on live PD, 100 pounds overweight, in a trailer.

These are women with men who’ve beaten the crap out of all their ex-gfs and ex-wives believing they are so special and exempt from the same treatment until he busts their head wide open.

Highly unlikely that it will be GAB man. Hopefully she won’t get so desperate that she yokes with another abuser.

Ugh! it pains me! She is so beautiful and now it is all gone.

That shitlet’s just practicing its choke hold. In a few years, finding a man will be the least of her problems. she can go to http://simp.com

or win the Powerball. Equal odds.

No decent white man will touch you now. You only have beta male soy castoffs to choose from. Best of luck muddy skank

Coon Town Hunter

You’ll have to look for another nigger…no white man is gonna want you, mudshark….

nigger fucker

You’ll be waiting for a very long time… nobody wants to raise your goblin.

Bestiality is illegal. Poor mongrel little bstrd.


This is the symptom. We all know what the true disease is.

Plenty of Jewish fellas out there.

Any women who fucks animals should be publicly avoided.

This one will find some nerd to support her.

You didn’t know that over 80% of black babies are born to single mothers when you chose a black man to have unprotected sex with? Well, your choices are limited now since no white man wants a black baby. As is well known, “once you go black you never come back”. Happy single motherhood and life.


No, no, you won’t!

Better hide the nigglet until after the wedding then sharkie.

Toll turd genetics running through her veins now.

You lost in the game of life Bitch. Enjoy your miserable life.

stupid whore

she will take whatever shitstain she can get. Mr. Right knows she is forever Miz Wrong.

more black DNA basters to pick from.

should find Mr. Right before having the child, not after.