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Another Feminist Progress

We were told, the future was going to be female.

And … it is … in a BIG way.

Their consciousness raised by feminism, women now demand, expect, and are entitled to Mr. BIG.

Big dick, big car, big house, big salary, big bank account, big heart, big …

The Sexist Sluts in the City got theirs, so … it is now a Woman’s Right.


Feminist women are having a hard time pinning down a male who is 6 feet tall (or more), good looking (young DiCaprio level) rich ($100,000 a year minimum), well endowed (BIG dick, 8 inches long minimum), Caucasian White and willing to hitch up with a Coal Burned single slut with multi mullato offsprings.

Vade Retro! Incels, Right Wingers, Affirmative Reaction Losers and assorted non credentialed scum.

Comments at Bianca Fights the Zombies

Low value women get low value men. SIMPLE

You get what you ask for in this life, lmfao.

I’m glad they made the woman standing on the money a chink. Every Asian woman I have ever known has been the worst kind of money-grubbing whore.

I saw a couple yesterday, Asian woman White man, and the dude looked exactly like soy Jack. Scraggly facial hair, glasses, very feminine face, all of it. Poor kid.

Zombie those aren’t women, they’re gold-digging whores he brought more 1/2-ricans into our world. Tainted meat boys, stay away, it’ll ruin your health.

Sounds like liberal women are unhappy with the way their liberal soy boys look, their lack of wealth (need a job for that) and their lack “toxic masculinity“.

Wut? That’s…no, that can’t be a real article…can it?

Zombie men on the other hand are looking for a moral family-oriented woman with common sense.

LMAO! That ship sailed honey when you picked that first loser that left you a single mom. Didn’t you pay attention to the fact that 80% of blacks are raised in single mother homes? Did you think you were one of the lucky 20%?

That’s one hell of a wish list.

Coal burners will see hell before they see a man in their lives who will tolerate what they’ve done both to themselves and to their race.

That’s because they’re all losers…

What a shocker 😉