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Cis-gendered White Woman confused about fourth wave feminism

Seems like Riley Gaines, a hetero-normative, cis-gendered, privileged White female, who won some watery sports competition, or something, is a bit confused. The “modern day” feminists have proclaimed that there are 69, or so, sexual genders, for quite a while now. What? Is she also deaf and dumb?

Don’t the fourth wave feminists (how more “modern day” can you get?) deserve respect and equal opportunities too?


The fourth wave feminists are the newest and most up to date “modern day” feminists.

Riley Gaines gotta check her hetero-normative White privilege, man!


Comments from Gab:

I don’t think women generally will ever understand how much they harmed men by demanding entrance into all their clubs, teams, etc… because it wasn’t FAAAAAAAIR that they were being excluded.

They thoughtlessly wrecked that shit for us. Men should’ve fought harder to preserve it, but most of it happened through lawfare.

We now live in a world where young men don’t want to get married, don’t have aspirations, don’t see themselves as leaders and protectors.


A tranny punched a female swimmer who complained about the female with penis who keeps beating women in swimming competitions

The Twitter comments were full of people saying that MEN need to step up and support women in this. Nope. Don’t think we will. Women didn’t defend men when Boy Scouts was forced to allow little girls in. Women didn’t defend men when all of our male exclusive spaces were invaded and ruined.

I don’t normally drag women, but on this one I’m just not having their crybaby bullshit. Women made all of this possible. This tranny shit show is on them.

Female reporter complains that she’s forced to see men naked when she does sports interviews from the locker room.

“I shouldn’t HAVE to be in NFL locker rooms to do my job” says Jane Slater, NFL Network



Idiot, the simple answer is don’t go in, FFS

I don’t think she objects to being around a bunch of jacked dudes. All attention seeking bs

I should have to be in the girls’ locker room to do my job”, says Chad Slayer, Men’s Sports Network Reporter.

Har! Har! Har! Har!

Female reporters forced their way into men’s locker rooms via lawsuit. They violate their privacy and then COMPLAIN that they are being victimized by all the swinging dicks they see.

This is why I laugh at trannies ruining women’s sports. If women can be in men’s locker rooms, then men can be in theirs. In fact, I’m gonna bring this up if I ever hear a woman bitch about it.

I agree, women took the (((bait))). They worked hard at being “inclusive.” Now the women need to step up and clean up the mess they created. I can support them in that.

Agreed. And they can use their femininity as a message to encourage a return to tradition and naming the (((tribe))) responsible.

This is exactly right. The gender bending bullshit started with feminism. It’s on the same exact trajectory as all the tranny shit we’re seeing now, just earlier in the path.

If only there were some omniscient being who could have warned us about being led by women and how that would turn out.

Is there a downside to trannies killing off women’s sports? Most of them started because women demanded to be second rate men.

“I agree. Let them choke on the female penises in their locker rooms.”

Pussy on a stick.

I didn’t see that one coming.

It’s women that make all of this insanity possible, but they only object if it harms women only. They watch bullshit like this harm men, children and society and do nothing.

Women everywhere need to be red-pilled, and by any measure they don’t deserve men’s help.

The sooner feminism is weeded out of the garden the sooner life will start to make sense again. Guys, anything you want to do to pull the rug out from under women has my blessing. I am ashamed of my gender’s stupidity, carelessness, callousness, and lack of respect and appreciation for the architects of civilization. I long for the day when it becomes a man’s world again and we women find our place in it with their permission and blessing.

Take the high road instead of the retaliation road and help these women who want to protect women’s sports in spite of what the libbers did in the past. It’s the right thing to do…

The High Rod? Har! Har! Har! Har! Ladies first! Har! Har! Har! Har!  Man, oh man are high on some really bad stock.

Women have aided and abetted the LGBTQ and woke hell we are experiencing. I’m not sympathetic to their perceived loss of identity and privacy when they won’t take a stand for their gender.

Women don’t understand accountability. While your post makes perfect sense a women would read it and say something like: “Hurrr, bet you can’t even get laid.”

The White females followed the anti-White, (((anti-Christ Pharisee lesbian Feminists))) and now that it is too late, they see where they have been led. Hey babes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you are “woke”, then you have to accept homosexual/Trannies beating the shit out of you.

At least in Europe women who speak out about “old White men” haters are made invisible. The average woman isn’t represented in the media. Her thoughts aren’t being noticed by many. Normal White women don’t have any lobby, too. Even liberal women were thrown out of these ridiculous “pussy marches”, because the initiators said the marches were “too White”.

Feminism is a poison that was injected into our women by the (((tribe). Most men do fuck all to stop it. NS is the only antidote. Make women women again. Make men men again.

And here comes the flood of NAWALT and “just eat that shit sandwich wimmin made, because that’s what a REAL MAN would do!”

Sorry brother men are called by God to be leaders whether we like the circumstances or not.

It’s true you reap what you sow . . . But men beating on women is crossing the natural order of humanity. Apparently real men didn’t attend the college debate … Shocker

Mother Nature IS a Sexist Bitch. Racist too.

I agree up to a point with your analysis, but it was the feminists and not conservative women, who along with liberal White men, pushing this nonsense. This is just another cog in the wheel of (((communist))) inspired chaos to create division.

I am not gonna lie. I find it hilarious that all these women that drank the Feminist Koolade about how there is no difference between men and women now have to deal with the reality of sexual dimorphism in Homo Sapiens. As a bonus the real leftist true believers have to stand there and pretend the “Stunning and Brave” Tranzformers are real women!


Exactly! Took the words right out of my mouth! They cheered when women played football (as kickers) but whine when the reverse happens

Very good point about the silence of women, regarding male persecution.

… didn’t these feminists ever hear the old saying “Be careful what you axe for. You just might get it”.

Here’s the deal, you give up the vote forever (or openly campaign to do so, directly to other women) and we will fix this for you.

Not one “feminist” in history sewed a dick on to get equal pay or equal access to decent jobs, Crybaby

BTW, I hate that the (((Communist))) fucks worked it so that girls would join boys within the Boy Scouts. White girls and women are too friggin easy to mentally tweak.

Women who demanded access to men’s spaces did so on the coattails of racial desegregation. Just don’t ever forget that