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Hard Times coming for the Feminists

The TERFS (Tranny Exclusionary Radical FemiNazis) will be going through hard times in the near future.

Victims of the Feminist Matriarchal Tyranny, like myself, and millions of men, can only laugh.

Why don’t the TERFs tell the Trannies to control sh/e/it self, they/them/that selves?

It worked with us, Heterosexual, Cisgendered, Patriarchal, Sexist White males, didn’t it?

Seems like the Trannies don’t have to deal with the White Christian Male Guilt Complex.

Ha! Life comes at you fast. ()


The radical left wing Feminists are now radical reactionary TERFs.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Schaden Freude.

What a drug, man!

A TERF got tomato juiced in New Zealand.


The New Zealander Trannies sure have a lot of catching up to do to keep up with the American ones.

Plus, the vicious TERF, J. K. Rawling is lying.


Men’s Right Activists have got nothing to do with this.

We just lie back, crack open a beer and enjoy the show.

Ha! Finally, we can relax, a bit.

“TERFs can choke on my GIRL DICK!”


You gotta admit; these murderous Trannies do have a sense of u more.

Har! Har! Har!