Go woke, go broke …

… it’s not just a joke.


Authenticity and resilience?  Har! Har! Har!

Mx. S/He/It is authentically a cross-dressing she-male, FHS!

S/He/It could have some resilience, though.

Mx. Pips Bunce?

Who in tarnation sports such a name?

Members (ahem) of the British aristocracy?

Mx? Well, S/He/It is MIXed up, all right.

Pips? As in Fruit Pips?


He! He! He!

HEAD of investment?

I’m sure it all went down well. (Smile)

Bunce: (noun) a sudden happening that brings good fortune; a sudden opportunity to make money.

No wonder Mx. S/He/It was in banking.

Sudden? As in taken the VAXX and “suddenly” passing on?

BTW : the Credit Suisse thing was kind of a “sudden” thing wasn’t it?

Nah! Just another (((cohencidence))).