Male Feminists are ICKy!

The male feminist below is a moron; he had been “seeing” this 27F for a … couple of months.


She is 27 years OLD, you idiot; her biological clock is screaming LOUDLY

GET impregnated NOW!, before it’s too LATE!”

as she is speeding down the hill, full speed ahead into the … Wall!

The moronic male feminist has never heard of the three dates rule.

If, by the third date, you are NOT friggin the girl, it is HIGH time to move on to greener, younger, and tighter pasture.

Exception for deeply religious girls; you gotta marry them; but they will stick with you.


The positive side of this; this moron will NOT be injecting his deficient genes into the collective gene pool.

Yup! He will be dying alone. So, there is that.  ()

One of the harsh lessons of life:


Don’t listen to what they SAY, watch what they DO.

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