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Tone Deaf ADL

The infamous (((ADL))), you know the organization created to defend Leo Frank,


the Jewish Rapist and Murderer of Mary Phagan, a 13-year-old White girl,


and anti-Black racist against Jim Conley (“a plain, beastly, ragged, filthy, lying nigger”) and Newt Lee who he tried to frame for the rape and murder.

The (((All Defamation League))) is really tone deaf. Just listen to them:

Former President Trump also delivered remarks that were in character but still dangerous. His claims about expelling (((warmongers))), driving out (((globalists))), casting out (((communists))), and throwing out of helicopters (((those that hate America))) echo classic #antisemitic rhetoric.

Har! Har! Har!

The (((warmongers))), (((globalists))), (((communists))) and (((those that hate America))) are members of the (((tribe))).

Har! Har! Har!

Man, oh man, do (((they))) need better writers.

Aren’t these (((people))) supposed to be super smart or something?


Some Comments at GAB:

The obvious conclusion: antisemitism is right and good.

We didn’t start the Noticing … they did.

I for one support such “rhetoric”!

Only because …… forever …. warmongers, commie cunts and globalists …. have always been vermin Jews.

So …. the ADL is basically calling warmongers, communist and globalist Jews?????

Speaking against Satan is anti-semitic.

Well, this is just getting ridiculous now! Makes no sense. He basically just said that Jews are warmongers, communists, globalists, and hate this country.

Posts like these from the ADL seem to do more to reinforce suspicions people have them to disprove them.

Well that should pretty much tell you what the ADL thinks of Jews

Jew vs Jew huh …???

ADL confirms Jews are bad people.

The ADL is a bunch of assholes and are anti American dirtbags.

Did I just understand that the ADL says that Jews are warmongers, globalists, communists and generally hate our country?

Society (((they))) hate you, personally. You just happen to be in a country (((they))) control. This is why we call them ‘parasites’.

Now, there are so many of them, IsraHell is not big enough to hide them all so, enter ‘greater IsraHell’ formerly known as Ukraine

The ADL is full of Bolsheviks and socialist prick f*cks … all of them (along with most lawyers generally speaking…. should be buried alive somewhere.

The ZOG. Its Afraid.

Wish them well and escort them out of our country.

The ADL faithfully defends their money worshiping, gangster, patrons, but when do they do anything for Jews?

They really think the American are stupid.

Bolsheviks rising

He forgot perverts and paedos.

It’s always about them. Classic narcissistic behavior.

At least the folks at the ADL know that their particular tribe are warmongers, globalists, etc. …

So they have a bit of self-awareness, but they will never do anything to alter their behavior.

So, a known domestic terrorist organization admits they are, warmongers, globalists, communists, and hate our country, go figure.