Liberalism! Find a cure!

Well, they did find one: the VAXX.


The VAXXtards are growing increasingly nervous as their friends and their offspring start to drop dead around them or succumb to “the next” pandemic. They get angrier and angrier as they swear up and down that food processing plants burning down is just a right wing conspiracy theory (because, you know, the need to eat food is political I guess), and the simultaneous world-wide protests by farmers against fertilizer restrictions is just a total coincidence!

They couldn’t have possibly been wrong. Over. And over. And over. And over.

None of this could have been prevented had they only listened to reason.

They’re not deluded, propagandized, Communist mushminds. They’re not the coombrained reddit-tier trashpeople holding all of civilization back with their unlimited supply of mammoth, hostile ignorance.

YOU are the Turbonazi Christofascist bigot for paying attention to all these little, scattered, coincidental factoids that couldn’t *possibly* amount to anything greater than the sum of their parts! Can’t you see that? Even if they were *somehow* wrong about everything, over and over and over, YOU are the problem for pointing out how wrong they were.