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VAXXing Brain Dead Parents

It is impossible to make fun of the THRUST the SCIENCE Woketard Shit-Lib parents below.

They just killed their own kid(s).

Post Partum Abortion indeed.



I can laugh when the Wokies kill themselves.

But, here, they killed their own six-year old.

I feel like crying.

From January 4 to 25: nineteenth short days to live.

RIP Anastasia.

When is the other one going?

How many THRUST the SCIENCE Woketard Shit-Lib parents are there?

Many thousands, I am afraid.

Thousands of such tragedies to come.

Sad, I am. Very.

God help us!

Some comments at GAB.

This so-called parent should be sent to the electric chair.

Clearly a blinded retard who guzzles the propaganda from the well of the mainstream media and government.

Another sheep kills her kid

Worthless liberal bitch!

imagine you are a child murderer, and you don’t get it!

She just murdered her own daughter: this is worse than an IQ test.

That brain dead parent will likely not accept any responsibility for the murder of her own child.

Frankly, she should be executed.

her damn kid….and she’ll never probably ever acknowledge it either

Molech worship is a real thing.

This is infanticide with the family consenting.

Branch Covidians: “But at least she didn’t die from Covid!”

Electric chair too easy. I’m thinking booster once per day till gone.

Just no point. No reason. Exactly, an adult who could not reason.

Hyphenated last name. First sign of a bad woman.

Shocking. I wonder if mom is out there bragging that she is so glad she forced her daughter to take the vax for a greater good.

Mostly Peaceful Vaccines

assisted suicide

parents found a way to commit legalized murder.

Still think the side effects are worth it, Jessica?

This needs an emoji of tears, tears for the children.

“It would have been worse if she wasn’t vaccinated!”

The hyphenated last name is a dead giveaway of their “mental leftness.”

They literally dragged a helpless child, kicking and screaming to its death. If Hell truly exists, one would hope that they end up in the darkest, deepest pit of it.

POS parents giving their kids the death jab while screaming. These poor children knew they were being fed death. What horrible parents!!!!!

These are branch COVIDians, this is a death cult


I hope she didn’t have covid

Some mothers murder their children in the womb, others, like this one here, chose to do it when she was about 4 years old. Although she had to wait a while to see her success.

Both kinds are criminals.

What is wrong with some parents?? I’m sure they have heard all of the horror stories about this vaccine. Come on folks, ignorance is not bliss, in this case it’s death!!!

electric chair is too good, she needs to fucking suffer!

I just hope Ms. Weaver realizes it was her abuse that caused her daughter’s death. That pain should stay with her ’til her own death.

ask her if she still thinks it’s worth it

Oh. How sad. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

Mom lost a child. You would be doing her a favor by killing her. That’s not a trivial thing to live with- especially if she figures out the vax caused it.

I’d burn her as a witch.

Anastasia M. Weaver 2016-2023

BOARDMAN — Anastasia M. Weaver, 6, passed away unexpectedly, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023, in the emergency room at Akron Children’s Hospital in Boardman, with her loving…

Electric chair or every vax and booster known to man? Pin cushion that creature?

only if it’s on low enough voltage and amp setting to ensure a long excruciatingly painful slow cooking death

stupid cunt.

Let’s not forget who’s really to blame for the mass murder of people worldwide. Governments.

it needs a millstone attached to the neck and then a swim.

Looks like all the attention will be on Caitlin for the time being.

Her “Loving family” allowed her to be a test subject instead of protecting her.

somedays I can hardly stand to be in this world, Jesus help us.

WEELLLLLLL GEEEZZZZZ!!! How are ya likin’ that Jab now?? You woke, feminist, hyphenated name idiot!! Killed your kid, and you still have an appointment with the Grim Reaper!!! BWWWAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH!! You deserve your fate…….

I think knowing you caused your daughter’s death is enough punishment.

oh! The heartache! May that beautiful child see the Face of God and share in His Eternal Love.

This makes me physically ill! Why for God’s Sake aren’t parents researching this crap.

IN TOTAL AGREEMENT! She should be charged with murder.

With her loving family by her side……UNBELIEVABLE!

Her little girl’s soul KNEW she was being murdered, and by her own mother. It’s just too much to handle !!!

Sure, but “mom” received a lot of “up” votes for killing her kids so it was worth it to her….

this isn’t a loving parent, this is a delusional jackass that should never have been allowed to be a parent.

So the girls had no side effects ????

Isn’t death a side effect???

Another “unexpected death, by coincidence“. Wait for the other kid…uh…shoe to drop.

But that’s ok, she’ll still stand by her choice, right up to the time she drops, with stupid smile on the unparalyzed part of her face.

My first clue was the hyphenated last name. That is a sure sign of leftist mental disorder.

That dumb bitch will never acknowledge what she did to her child. Brainwashed retard.

They aren’t parents, they are murderers….the silver lining is that hopefully they will suffer from guilt for the rest of their lives – I know I would!!!

She killed her daughter. Would have been more humane to put a chunk of lead in her cranium. Dear God in Heaven, six is too young to die.

Does she still think the JAB was worth it??? She murdered her daughter.

Actions have consequences. Jab=death.

The double last name is a dead giveaway.

She faces a far more painful fate, knowing she killed her own daughter with the jab.



way to go, killed her kid.

“Her loving family” my behind!


Crazy Eyed Wokie LibTard photo.