Japan’s Experts Baffled by High ‘Covid’ Deaths From Heart Despite High Death Rate

After three booster campaigns in 2022, the Japanese are now in a league of their own among mRNA consuming countries, administering far more boosters than countries that had far more coercive vaccination campaigns.

But unfortunately, Japan has started 2023 by reporting its highest ever daily Covid death tolls.

During the booster era starting in early 2022, each wave has been noticeably higher than the last.

What could possibly explain this?

Let’s ask Takaji  Wakita, Chairman of Japan’s Covid Response Advisory Board: “The cause of the rise in Covid deaths is hard to explain.”

What about Dr.Satoshi Kamayachi, Director of the Japan Medical Association? “There’s a lot we don’t know, and we don’t have evidence.”

So let’s recap what the experts have told us.

The cause of increased Covid deaths? “Dunno.”

Should the Government keep showering medical institutions and pharma companies with money? “Absolutely!”