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In need of a bicyle

Tomi Lahren is giving “I am going to hit the wall” vibes, sooo … men are to blame.

“All of my friends are attractive, are successful, have something going on … every single one of them have an issue with men, you have to think about that and I’m thinking … all these women of all body types and everything  … all of the women are having issues … I have to think it might not be us (women), it might be you (men).”

Did you get that?

We women have issues (with men), so you men are the problem.

Female logic at its finest!

Jesus! She is not 30 yet.

They are “hitting the wall” younger and younger.


By the way, Tomi, “those that want respect, must give respect”.

You can thrust Tony Soprano on this.


PLUS, Tomi, remember?

“A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle”.

Time to “hit” on that 50 to 60 year old bicycle.


The full “I am going to hit the wall, and men are to blame” diatribe is here:

Tomi Lahren hits the wall and calls all men trash – YouTube

Famous last words:

She is wrong you know.

Males pussified by feminism DO respect the stronk, independent, whoamen.