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MORE bad news for the VAXXies!

I’m not seeing enough threads or posts about this.

Class switch to IgG4 dominant antibodies

QRD for all you illiterate fucks:

Typical immune response is dominated by antibodies known as IgG1 and IgG3 who function to tag and neutralize (kill) foreign invaders in the body (virus).

VAXXies are literally having a different immune response which is now dominated by IgG4 antibodies which functions to tag cells in the body as ‘safe’ so the body does not seek to destroy them.

VAXXies also now have their IgG3 levels drop dramatically, reaching 0 by their third (booster) shot

We’re discussing immune response here. This is no longer specific to covid.

The more often VAXXies encounter viruses, the greater and more pronounced this antibody switch becomes, and the more their body learns to ‘tolerate’ foreign viruses.

This is extremely similar to people with SCID or severely fucking compromised immune systems.

VAXXies are literally become walking cesspools of high viral load with no typical immune response.

It’s gonna get worse every year as their body keeps encountering more viruses and tagging them as ‘safe’.

Vaxxies will eventually have to live like bubble boy or potentially die from the influx of viruses that they will run into.

I give em 5 years max if they got at least 2 vax.

Five years , he!