GLOBAL WARMING keeps on rollin!

As the Green Fascists keep on reminding us, more Global Warming means COLDER winters.

Well, well, well, aren’t we served?

GLOBAL WARMed winter, from Canada, in the North, to the Rio Grande, in the South has frozen to death dozens of people:

The deadly GLOBAL WARMed bomb cyclone that has battered parts of the US is continuing to rake up a death toll, as bodies are being discovered in cars and homes that have been snowed in by GLOBAL WARMING. Some people died as ambulances could not reach them in time. Others suffered cardiac arrests while shoveling GLOBAL WARMED snow.–homes-as-us-bomb-cyclone-rages-on-1105836837.html

This hasn’t stopped the browner people, more attuned to Global Warming climes, from stealin’ and lootin’, of course.


You can take the Niggardlies out of Africa, but you can’t take the Africa out of Niggardlies.

It’s bit hard for the rapin’ part, you know, with the Global Warmed COLD, and all.

Willies don’t like the cold, man!

Plus there is all those layers of clothing to deal with.

Rapin’ ain’t easy, man!



King George – Keep On Rollin (Official Audio) – Bing video