THRUST the science…

Trust the Fiction

Canadians were told to “thrust the science” of vaccine passports. What “science” was that? There was neither science nor any scientists involved in the entire process.

There was no scientific basis for Canada’s discriminatory, offensive vaccine passport system that helped launch massive countrywide protests.

Among many issues, the report details that no one in the “COVID Recovery unit,” which was responsible for enacting the policy, had any training in epidemiology or public health, instead, the director-general has a degree in literature:

“No one in the COVID Recovery unit, including Jennifer Little, the director-general, had any formal education in epidemiology, medicine or public health.

“Little, who has an undergraduate degree in literature from the University of Toronto, testified that there were 20 people in the unit. When Presvelos asked her whether anyone in the unit had any professional experience in public health, she said there was one person, Monique St.-Laurent. According to St.-Laurent’s LinkedIn profile, she appears to be a civil servant who briefly worked for the Public Health Agency of Canada. St.-Laurent is not a doctor, Little said. (Reached on the phone, St.-Laurent confirmed that she was a member of COVID Recovery. She referred other questions to a government spokesperson.)”

The worldwide response to Covid was not merely a crime against humanity, it was literally fiction invented by literature majors, failed actors, and corrupt bureaucrats funded by evil billionaires devoted to global depopulation.

All of those gullible victims who got themselves and their children vaccinated against Covid and thereby reduced their fertility and expected lifespans did so on the basis of a series of fairy tales told by wicked halfwits.

This may have been the single stupidest collective action by a large group of people since the Children’s Crusade of 1212.


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