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“Sex with kids is good”, say (((kosher))) Paedos


You would not believe it, it if wasn’t true.

Take a good look at all the (((Kosher))) experts in Paedo Grooming.

Hanita (((Kosher))) (can’t get more kosher than that), (((David Finkelhor))), (((Rachel))) Shalt, Joan (((Luxemburg))) (a cousin of Rosa?), Kristany Kay (a real Christian?),  (((Abby Hellman))) Walenchiak, (((Esther))) Stafford and Debbie Pattilo.

Are you guys all a prime product of early Jewish Sexual education?

I do remember that (((Sigmund))) Fraud’s patients were mostly screwed up girls with molesting and incestuous daddies. It was OK as it was “All in the Family”, right? Well, a Tribe is a big family.

Just put your own Thinking Cap on.

Do you really think that ANY juvenile would “activate an initiatory seduction” or “enthusiastically participate” with the likes of the Finkelhorror, the Luxhamburg, the Sad and Heavy Heilman (mayo) thing, the dried up Esthrogen, or the Smirking Obese Debbie?

As for Hanita and Rachel, teenage boys do have lots and lots of boners. Even if approaching the Wall at great speed, it would not be too hard, for these two, to, ahem, harvest a few “R” actions … for the next few years.

What in Tarnation is Kristany Kay doing with these (((creeps)))?

Go get a good husband woman, while you still have time.


Just listen to these (((kosher))) Paedos.

“Much sexual assault is not necessarily of an assaultive nature, even when they are not fully voluntary”.

They would make Big Brother blush with envy.