Soy Boy Feminist Males can’t “get it up”

A feminist needs a left wing “progressive” Soy Boy like a vibrator needs dead batteries.

Feminist males, cisgendered or not, suffer from EDM; Erectile Dysfunction Mal-Lady.

Har! Har! Har! Har!


The FemiNazis have made their bed and they don’t like it.

They feel be trayed. They were promised by Gloria (((Stein Ham))) et al, they were going to “have it ALL”. Sexist Sluts in the City in their 20s, careers “positively discriminated” from males, and Prince Charming arriving on his White Porsche to take them away from it all, at age 30 or so, when they were getting tired of riding the cock carrousel.

Say it ain’t so, Gloria.

Well, it is so.

Gloria, by the by, DID find her own VERY rich bicycle, thank you.

The aging Femisexists are un-FULL-filled (see EDM above), unhappy, designated genetic garbage or (at best) in-competent matriarchs of future male to female trannies, faggots or paedos. Their offsprings’ probabilities of long term genetic survival approaches …  ZERO. Proud recipients of the Darwin Award.

The Fast Aging Feminists will be shrieking harpies for the next 30 years or so.

Then they will be quiet … for Good!

Feminism has been a brilliant success … in its intended objectives.

Killing off the basis of civilization, the Patriarchal Family.

The Frankfurt School (((ideologues))) are laughing their asses off … in the Dustbin of History Hell with their co Mass Assassins, Leon Davidovic Bronstein, Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov, Karl Marx Moses Levy Mordecai, and other such scoundrels.

Schaden Freude IS bitter Joy, no doubt.

But I will take the Freude I can.