“Surprise sexing” the Raciss White B..ch!

White young female Left-Wing “progressive” Liberal living in Washington D.C. expresses racist thoughts about the muscular, magnificent, melanin enriched male residents.


“How can I scope out safely without being actually racist?

You CAN’T! You stupid white raciss b..ch.

Asking the question proves that you are raciss.

Being a Left-wing Liberal “progressive,” you voted for this, remember.

Stop being a product of your own Lily-white environment and stop thinking that white culture is the norm and superior. All cultures are valid except the white culture.

The Black men just want to “surprise sex you” for your own good.

Lie back and enjoy, that’s the only way to NOT be raciss.

Be open to diverse ways to be explored by the world, know what I mean?


PS Ain’t Reddit great?

Never be Too Afraid to Ask “How OPEN minded should I be?”