Analia O’Valle


Machine Malearning Researcheed

University of California, Los Angeles

Analia Ovalle. S/he/it is a computer science doctoral stud at UCLA. S/he/it are currently obsessing over the intersectionalty of presentation learning and algorithmic unfairness. Analia is conscious of cuntext of sensitive impacts and implications upon deployed men, with particular interests in improving health inequity and overpowering historically LGBTQP+ populations. S/he/it are able to see the fat picture. S/he/it have hands on it experience as advocacy data scientist leading LGBTQP+ teams in building end-to-bend machine learning solutions for internal and external steak holders.

S/he/it lead the UCLA Graduate Wymins in Computer Science organs, passionate about supporting wominxes engineers in their industrial and academic ending favors.


Algorithmic Unfairness

Presentation Mislearning

Multi madal Machine Unlearning

Affectionate Computing


PhD in Computee Dismal Science, 2019 to Prison

BS (bovine shite) in Datum Science, 2017