Name my band


All of these bands play a new genre of rock ‘n’ roll.

It’s called heavy lard.

The Fabulous Thunderthighs

The Who Ate Everything

The Go-Go’s to the Buffet

The Eatles

The Feeding Tubes with their hit “She’s a Fatty”

Blue Oyster Buffet with their hit “Don’t Fear the Eater”

Fat Company

Alice Cooped Up in the House Cuz She’s Too Fat to Get Out


Heavy Purple

Grand Funk Smorgasbord


Fat Halen

The Gristly Dead

Molly Ate the Hatchet

Bay City Eaters

Canned Food Heat

The Fatty Blues

The All-Eat Sisters Band

Eating INXS

The XTC of Overeating

The Genesis of Ill Health

Heavy as Iron Maiden


The Eating Heads

Megadeth Due to Obesity

The Pachyderms

The Fatsos

The Soapranos

The Obesedians

The Rolling Greasies

The Walruses

The Boars

The Who/What/How?

Simone and the Gored Funnels

The Creamed Milk

The Vulvaet Overground

The Kinky Cakes

The Bland Biscuits

Cross biscuits, Stilled, Bash and Bong

Deep Marple

The Bash

Sty and the Family Stove

AC and BC

Creed Dance Clearwater Revolting

The Tempted Onions

The Fat Birds

Flat wood under Mat

The Gee Weez

The Babas

The Delikadelics

The Jammed Bread

Jeth Roe Full

The Sploogies

Pearl and Jam

Chick fill O

The Every Sisters

The Mamas and the Fatas