The TERMINATOR sides with Skynet

Well, what did else we expect?

The Terminator is a product of corrupt, pedophiliac Hollyweird.

What do they have on Arnie? What did he have to do to get where he is?


Another heartbreak. I used to like the bastard.

Arnie! You are a LYING piece of shite!

De Nazifying the Ukraine is precisely the point.

You DENIED the existence of the Ukro Nazis of the Azov Battalion, and other such groups.


Their existence and murderous activities are ALL over the (non controlled) Internet.

They are also being permanently DeNazified.


But, you know, in retrospect, the 20/20 hindsight thing, the Terminator HAD shown his true colors with the COVID Plannedemic.

See the source image

Growing up is a hard thing to do.