Welcome to the “gore” war

New narrative.


I was just talking about the coming new narrative, well …

This is from a Pro Russia site I have been following for a few years; came recommended by Vox Day, if memory serves.

He/They have been pretty honest, admitting it when they have made a mistake.

They/he never predicted the Russian action; nobody that I read did.

The article is about maps describing the military events on the ground.

Interesting by itself.

Anyways, this is what he thinks the coming narrative will be:

Instead, what we get is various pseudo pro-Russian websites dismissing all the “Russian propaganda” maps while promoting other, putatively not pro-Russian propaganda, maps.  The truth? These websites are run by civilians with exactly no relevant education or experience and their goals are purely financial (click baiting) and ideological (serving the interests of the 5th or 6th, depending on the case, columns).

As for the real owners (and masters) of these websites they are, of course, Western PSYOPs. 

Until just about now, the western PSYOPs mission was simpleflood the Internet with info showing the Russians have failed, the Ukies are winning, Putin is sobbing and hugging a pillow under his bed“.

If that means declaring that 3, 000 Russian aircraft have been shot down – no problem.

So, for the first two weeks, the point of maps from the point of view of western PSYOPs was simple.

Now that the “map wars” are coming to an end (at least in the mind of those who can read a map), the main theme will change.  It won’t be “the heroic Ukie cyborgs destroyed 3 Airborne Divisions

but it will be “drunken Russians bombing a maternity hospital, murdering all the innocent babies and raping nurses (the more cliches, the “better”).

And, who knows, I would not be surprised if tomorrow’s CNN’s or BBC’s would be “Russian invaders toss all the babies from the incubators in Volnovakha”!

Wait, what? 

Did we not see that already?

Oh yes, I guess we did, at least the older ones who remember the Gulf War…

You catch my drift 🙂

So, the map wars are coming to an end and welcome to the gore wars!