The Covid Hoax is Dying!

After two long years.

After two VERY long years of lies and propaganda, the Covid Hoax is on it last legs.

Will the Morons who bought into it and bullied and harassed the rest of us, for two VERY long and painful years, learn anything?


These EASILY brainwashed Morons are all on  the EVIL Putler thing now.

God! It went fast. Ten (10) days.

We went from Covid will kill us all, to PUTLER is killing  innocent Ukro-Nazis, destroying  the WEF Young Global Leaders democracies, and wants to eradicate NATOistan.

The good side: the COVIDiots are dying, and WILL keep dying for years to come.

They will go to their graves croaking: “It’s not the VAXX. It’s not the VAXX.”

You know, it’s a “Every Cloud has its Silver Lining” kinda thing.