The LGBTQP+ are Covid “deniers”


America has told the United Nations that Putler’s Russia has created a “capture” list of LGBTQPI+ Ukrainians who will be”doxed” and cancelled down post-invasion.

The Pedo Joe Administration  claims that Covid denying “LGBTQPI+ persons” will be stored in concentration camps.

The fate of furries, BDSM artists, feminazis and other assorted sexual deviants remains unsettled … for the moment.

The TERMINATOR,  Howard (((Stern))) and the Sage from Harvard, Noham (((Chomsky)) have all said:

“F _ _ k their Freedom”


“The “right response to the LGBTQPI+ is to insist they be isolated in concentration camps.”

“How can we get food to them? Well, that’s actually their problem.”