The Rothenchilds are not amused

Heir to the Rothschild family, Nathaniel Rothschild, today wrote to members of the British government, giving his view that Vladimir Putin is “the most dangerous man since the defeat of Hitler, with Xi Jinping a close second,” and explained that, “Ukraine is an essential piece that we cannot afford to lose, in the geopolitical chessboard.”

The heir to the Rothschild fortune argued that, “Russia must be excised from the international banking and economic system. We must bring Russia to its knees through any means possible, to send a strong signal to the Chinese and to protect our global system of norms and liberal values.”

“We must be under no illusions: if we allow Vladimir Putin to seize Ukraine, it will send a signal to our enemies, Iran, China and North Korea especially, that we will do nothing when faced with an onslaught of force.

In effect, our current path, of lack of military action, means that our global order is dead on its feet. I urge you to deploy more force against Russia and its proxies, step up “information warfare” to correct opinion, especially online, and send weaponry to our friends in Ukraine. Without Ukraine, the global order may not survive.


Putler is destroying the Global World Order, based on usury and debt, which has allowed my family to become the richest family in the world.


Nice goyishes blue eyes, there Nathe.

Any Shiksa in the family tree?

PS “protect our global system of norms and liberal values.”

Translation: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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  1. as much as i love this article and totally want to believe it is true.. a couple of things – i like to see evidence. where is the evidence of this writing to british parliament? also, surely the rothschilds wouldn’t be stupid enough to put something in writing?!


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